The T.John Centre for Advanced Social Sciences Research will encourage Applied Research in the areas of Social Sciences with specific areas such as: Ph.D Programme in the Social Sciences area along with the following;

  • Business Management (involving M.B.A (all specialization areas of management)
  • Computer Applications (involving MCA (all areas of advanced labs and non lab areas of research including computing and programming)
  • Commerce (involving Taxation, GST, Computational Accounting and Auditing areas of Business)
  • Languages (Lab and Non Lab setting, including Language Development, and Learning Disabilities in the area of languages)
  • Other Interdisciplinary areas of Social Science subjects in the future. (Psychology and Management, or with other interdisciplinary departments)



  1. Collaborate all the departments and encourage higher levels of QUALITY RESEARCH and establish linkages at various levels in the organization by GUIDING Ph.D Research in respective Disciplinary and Inter Disciplinary Departments.
  2. Enhance the participation of Disciplinary and Inter Disciplinary Departments in Conducting of FUNDED RESEARCH PROJECTS from AICTE, ICSSR and other related research departments.
  3. Encourage Corporate Research at the Primary and Secondary Research using Advanced Analytical tools like the areas of HR, MARKETING, PSYCHOLOGY, CUSTOMER RELATIONS, COMMERCE, TAXATION AND COST CUTTING AREAS and other inter disciplinary areas.
  4. Publishing Research Journals in Interdisciplinary Areas with ISSN Number in the name of the Collegeand with other Academic at national level.
  5. Arranging research training program improvising Knowledge for budding Ph.D scholars and other scholastic abilities in a student.
  6. Funded Research Conferences combined with research publications at the highest levels.

TJCASSR will encourage, enhance and facilitate disciplinary and interdisciplinary research collaboration, knowledge transfer and training.

Faculty may be involved in one or more projects in a Research Centre and be active in more than one Research Centre.

TJCASSR will be committed to develop and maintain high-quality programs of research TRAINING, involving SPSS, PSPP, and other advanced tools for RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT.

TJCASSR will encourage to have inter or multi disciplinary faculty in the Centre

  • Intra-disciplinary - membership and activities normally within a single department, a non-departmentalized Faculty, or between departments in a single faculty
  • Inter-disciplinary - membership and activities normally between Departments
  • Multi-disciplinary - membership and activities normally between three or more departments
  • Inter-institutional - membership and activities between multiple universities

To achieve excellence in delivering quality education and research in social sciences of global standards, coupled with innovative practices using advanced technology and expertise, transforming the student community into potential global leaders with accountability to meet the social, national and dynamic global challenges.


To create and nurture talented researchers & improve research culture with learning and knowledge-based environment, conducive to the pursuit of quality education which would transform a socially responsible generation to act on their professional values and beliefs.

To bring about their overall personality development, fostering a caring and creative environment that emphasizes physical, social and intellectual development.

To instill a sense of understanding, remarkable resilience and enduring adaption to a diverse, competitive and dynamic society.

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