The yoga club helps the students in all round development which are-

1.Personality Development at Physical Level-

  Personality development at physical level makes the body work most efficiently by harnessing the energies in the right direction.

2.Personality development at mental Level-

  "Creativity" and steadfastness (will power) are the two aspects of mind.Creativity is the chore of "Arts" and "Technology".Yogic practices enhance  the creative power of students.

'Will power' is an essential  requirement  for all persons  to accomplish any by its systematic and consious process of calming  down the mind erases the weaknesses in the mind and builds willpower into it.

3.Personality development at Intellectual level-

  In the modern era of science,a sharp intellect play a key role in the scheme of education.Yoga emphasizes the skill to calm down the mind and enhanced the power of concentration.

Venue- TJIT Indoor Auditorium


CLUB COORDINATOR                 -          Mr. Arvind kumar Gupta

                                                                (Dept  of Languages)

CLUB MAXIMUM INTAKE          -                  40


                                               CALENDAR OF EVENTS

Sl. No. Activity Planned Date
1 Club Registration 07/06/2018
2 Breathing  Technique and Pre-assessment 13/07/2018
3 Standing & sitting  Asanas- Demo & Practice 20/07/2018
4 Lying Asanas & Surya Namaskara-Demo &Practice 27/07/2018
5 Introduction to Concept of Cyclic Meditation 08/03/2018
6 Demonstration of  IRT (Instant Relaxation Technique) 17/08/2018
7 Practice of IRT ( Instant Relaxation Technique) 24/08/2018
8 Demonstration & Briefing of  QRT (Quick Relaxation Technique) 31/08/2018
9 Practice of QRT ( Quick  Relaxation Technique) 09/07/2018
10 Demonstration & Briefing of  DRT (Deep Relaxation Technique) 14/09/2018
11 Practice of DRT ( Deep  Relaxation Technique) 28/09/2018
12 practices & Revision of Various Yoga activities 10/05/2018
13 Presentation for Evaluation- Post -assessment session 26/10/2018