TJC Gender Equality Cell

Write to Gender Equality Cell

T JOHN College has established a Gender Equality Cell. This cell supports gender equality and opposes any form of gender discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation or sexual identity. The cell has formed a permanent mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender discrimination.

Constitution of Gender Equality Cell:- 



Vice President


Dr. Shika Tiwari

Mrs. Hemalatha Dodamani

Mrs. V. Bhuvana

 Members – ( Staff )

Dr. Nilanjana Basu –Management Studies Department

Mr. Suresh N – BHM Department

Mr. Gopan – MBA Department

Mrs. Sridevi – CA Department

Mrs. Lakshmi – BBA Department

Mrs. Thejaswini – FAD Department


Members – (Students)

Ms. Chitra - III Sem BCA
Ms. Olevia - III Sem MCA
Ms. Aishwarya - V Sem BBA
Ms. Ashwini - I Sem
Ms. Mansi - I Sem BA
Ms.Ruksar - III Sem FAD
Ms. Pragati - III Sem BHM
Ms. Shyamala - I Sem MBA
Ms. Kavya - I Sem




All Complaints can be brought by the complainant in the following ways.

  1. In person
  2. By sending a mail to the email id “
  3. By writing to the Gender Equality cell by using the link above “ Write to Gender Equality Cell“.

You can also get in touch with the coordinator, Ms. V. Bhuvana on her mobile 9886504551.

Once a complaint is received, the committee will ascertain whether the person alleged to have been harassed and proceed to investigate it and arrive at the course of action.


a.) All complaints received should be recorded and the President along with the Vic president will form a committee and a meeting of the committee should take place within three ( 3 ) days of receiving the complaint. b.) The committee is bound to maintain confidentiality during the time of enquiry.

c.) The committee will investigate the complaint in order to explore whether a prima facie case of Sexual harassment exists and whether intervention or some other assistance is required.

d.) In case a prima facie case is established, the committee must inform the accused in writing about the charges made against him / her and he / she should be given a period of five days from the date of receipt of the notification to respond to the charges.

e.) During the enquiry procedure, the complainant and the accused will be called separately so as to ensure freedom of expression and an atmosphere free of intimidation.

f.) The committee will submit the report on the findings and make recommendations for punitive action if required.

g.) The entire process of enquiry should be completed within one month.

h.) The disciplinary action will be commensurate with the nature of the violation. The reasons for actions have to be provided in writing.

In the case of College Employee, disciplinary action could be in the form of

  1. Warning
  2. Written apology
  3. Undertaking of good behaviour
  4. Adverse remarks in the Confidential Report
  5. Debarring from Supervisory Duties
  6. Denial of re-employment
  7. Stopping increments/promotion
  8. Demotion
  9. Suspension
  10. Dismissal
  11. Any other relevant mechanism

In the case of Students, disciplinary action could be in the form of:

  1. Warning
  2. Written apology
  3. Undertaking of good behaviour
  4. Debarring entry into a hostel / campus
  5. Suspension for a specific period of time
  6. Debarring from Exams
  7. Expulsion
  8. Any other relevant mechanism.

Preventive Measures:-

The Gender Equality Cell of T. John College will ensure that regular Gender sensitisation and Sexual Harassment prevention training are held for all students, teaching and non teaching staff ongoing or annually.