TJC Clubs

Club Activities in T John College

Good grades can fetch great jobs and opportunities for higher education but it is the extracurricular activities with the right balance of skill sets that take the students further higher to success and all round growth and development.

T John College has fortified its regular academic programme with different types of activities that have the students exploring their inherent talents and indulging in hitherto unknown fields which eventually make them to stand out in a crowd.

As part of the all round growth and development of individuals, there is a dedicated club hour happening on every Friday between 11:45 and 1:30 that have embedded diverse activities ranging from Culinary to Modelling. The clubs have specially been designed to suit every palette and requirement of students to inculcate soft skills and personality dimensions. The clubs that are registered for this academic year are:

The sessions are so structured and programmed that they help in improving Communication skills, Overall coordination, Leadership abilities, Teamwork, Grooming, Networking, Participation in various events and contests, writing and oratory skills and building up stamina and endurance. These have facilitated to build character and have become the hunting grounds where opportunity and success meet. The clubs are interactive platforms to realize the full potential of students and build bonhomie and friendship amongst them. It also strives to make students compete at various levels and carve a niche for themselves in myriad arenas.

The clubs are avenues for success, education, friendship, health and overall development of the students of T John College.