Management Studies

Industry Overview:

With the opening up of Indian economy, there has been a paradigm shift in the way Indian corporate's do business. From the slothful, family-managed monopolies of licence-permit raj to the lean, mean gladiators of the global marketplace, the Indian corporate's have come a long way indeed.

2 year full-time MBA programme (affiliated to Bangalore University and approved by AICTE - New Delhi) offered by T. John College is designed to give you a head start in the field of Business Administration - anywhere in the world.

Our Strengths:

Spread over a green serene atmosphere of 25 acres of land located at the outskirts of the city

AICTE approved course

Accredited by NAAC

Well equipped Computer lab with internet facility

Well equipped Spacious Class Rooms

Excellent library

Modern learning equipments


Environment Ecological Club

The innovation club

The quiz club

Approach of Teaching:

Class room

Conceptual learning

Case Study, Analysis & Presentations

Seminars & Workshops

Experimental Techniques

Industrial Visits/Block Placements

Guest lectures

Visit to foreign universities

Giving you the Business Edge:

This course combines practice and theory. It will help you recognize and adapt to the changing trends in business and society. It will enhance your leadership skills even as it helps you implement the latest developments in computer technology, essential, you will agree, since computers are changing the way people do business, the world over.

A corporate lifestyle:

With the stress on professional management, students of MBA & BBM will find many rewarding career opportunities. MNC's, Blue Chip Companies, the best business houses, corporations where your skills will be recognized and appreciated. Where your knowledge will be put to good use and enhanced even further. Where a new exciting life awaits you.

  Dr. Nilanjana Basu
Exec. Director
Ph.D,Post Doc

CSIR-NET JRF/SRF, DBT-Post Doctoral Fellow

Mr.Gopan GS
HOD  & Asst. Prof.

Marketing & HR


  Dr. Sonia Singh
Asst. Prof.
MBA, M.Sc(Zoology),B.EdUGC NET,Ph.D

HR & Marketing
University Rank Holder


Ms.Sucharita Banerji

MEBM - University Of Newcastle, Australia International Environmental Law, Unitar, Geneva, BA (Hons) English, Dip. Hotel Management & Catering Technology, IHM Pusa, New Delhi

Marketing, Environmental Management, Accommodations Management

1st Rank amongst 13 IHM Colleges

Dr. Dippi Verma
Asst. Prof.
BA (Economics),MBA , PhD


Ms.Karpagavalli G
Asst. Prof.



Mr. Srinivas Prasad
Asst. Prof.
MSc,MBA,Dip in SPC & OR
Dr. Trupti Dandekar Humnekar
Assc. Prof.



Ms. Rajeshwari Hulyal
Asst. Prof.



Mr.R.V. Lokesh
Asst. Prof.

Premium Topper in ICICI Prudential Insurance Ltd.
WInner of ' Dhronacharya Award ' in Max Life Insurance Co Ltd.
Premium Topper in PGE Ltd.(Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance)

Mr. Krishnarao S V V

Asst. Prof.

B.Sc. (Electronics),



20 Yrs of IT Industry experience and Worked in Top MNCs like IBM, GE, EDS and CSC in leadership roles with global exposure and also worked in USA.


Paper Publications

Name of the Faculty Papers Published
Dr. Nilanjana Basu Basu, N. Climate change affecting Political Security  - A case study on Kaveri water dispute’ ISBN 978-93-865-16-43-5 Pg24. Best paper  at International Conference on Security –‘Create a more secure world for tomorrow and day after’. March 2018.
Varsha,V.and Basu,N.  ‘ Significance of [-2] pro PSA as a novel and early diagnostic marker for prostrate cancer’  Conference paper – An integrated approach to Diagnosis and therapy in Cancer. ISBN 978-81-9759376-5 PO 06 Best Paper. March 2017.
Basu, N.,  Holistic  Quality cell  as a  part of practicing ‘Rockefeller Habits’ - a key to  successful and responsible management education’ 21st.- 22nd. October 2016 International conference on  “Responsible Management Education – Key to Holistic Development of Society”.
Malaviya, S., Wakeel, H. and Basu, N., ‘Comparative Antimicrobial study of Murrya Koenigii Flower Extract and its Nanoparticles Formed’. Bangalore Nano 2016. Poster No. POS 18.
Basu, N., ‘Daily Priority Tool: A management practice at T.John College to track Faculty time Utilization at work.’ .NAAC sponsored  National conference on ‘ Quality Initiatives & Benchmarking in Higher Education Institutions’. Sep 2015.
Basu,  N.,  Leadership Plan of the Teaching and Learning Centre of T.John college for organizational Growth. National conference on ‘Ethical Leadership and efficient Leadership Qualities in Institutional development’. April 2015
Janani R. Adhikary,M. and Basu,N. ‘ Control of Blood Lead Level by taking essential nutrients in diet’ Samyoga Academic journal of T. John Group of Institutes ,TJGAJ vol8 No:1 Jan (2013) Pg 45
Basu,N., Ghosh,S., Adhikary,A., “ Swine Flu - the Recent Pandemic” , Samyoga Academic journal of T. John Group of Institutes ,TJGAJ vol5 No:1 Feb (2010) Pg 14
Basu,N. “ Stem cell therapy may aver blindness among the elderly” , Samyoga Academic journal of T. John Group of Institutes ,TJGAJ vol4 No:1 April (2009) Pg 35
Hassan,T.N., Basu, N. ‘ maz-EF the new suicidal gene in E.Coli. Samyoga Academic journal of T. John Group of Institutes ,TJGAJ vol3 No:1 April (2008) Pg 24
Basu, N., Gopinathan, K.P., “RNAi induced gene silencing of lef 2 gene in BmNPV system”, 3rd Annual PDF Conference, Department of Microbiology,IISC, April (2007).
Basu, N., Geetha,N. Gopinathan, K.P “Production of HIV GP120 in Bombyx mori”. 2nd. Annual PDF Conference, Department of Microbiology, IISC, April (2006).
Basu, N., Kar, S. and Ghosh, R. K. ;“Molecular Characterization of single stranded phage VSK from Vibrio cholerae 0139”, under review at Virology (2003).
Basu, N., Kar, S. and Ghosh, R. K.; “The sequence of Phage VSK from Vibrio cholerae 0139”. World wide genome bank, DDBJ and EMBL. Acc. No.MVS4369176 (2001).
Basu, N., and Ghosh, R.; “Studies on VSK from Vibrio cholerae O139” at the 23rd All India Cell Biology Conference . Abstract Vol 23, p31 November (1999).
Basu, N., Murari,K. and Dutta,A.K..; “Induction Of proteins By IPTG from Clones of adk gene and its characterization using AdK and Csp antibodies”. 2nd. M.Sc. dissertation Symposium jointly conducted by the department of Biophysics, Biochemistry (Calcutta university) and  Indian Institute of Chemical Biology.Abstract Vol2, p19. Oct 1996
Prof.Gopan G S Published a paper entitled “The Interlock Model for Sustainable Economic Development – the Learning from Kerala and Gujarat Development Stories” in Samyoga, An Academic Journal, January 2016, T.John College, Page nos 126 to 137, ISSN:2231- 3362
Published a paper entitled “A Model for Quality Management Education – An Indian Perspective” in International Journal- ACRM Journal of Business and Management Research,September 2012,  Acharya Institute of Management and Sciences, Page nos 22 to 27, ISSN:0973-3523
Published a paper entitled “E-Retailing Scenario in India- an Empirical Study” in International Journal of Retailing and Marketing,September 2012,  Radiant Institute of Management and Technology, Page nos 9 to 16, ISSN:0976-318X
Published a paper entitled “The Inevitability of Product Innovation in Indian Insurance Sector” in Macro Dynamics of Business Education, Pragati Graphics Bangalore, Page nos 378 to 386, ISBN: 978-93-81441-29-9
Published a paper entitled “A Model for E-Retailing in India – The Present Scenario” in Retail Sector in India: Opportunities and Challenges, Himalaya Publications, Page nos 163 to 171, ISBN:978-93-5051-833-5
Published a hand book ‘The V Turn’ – A book on 17 women entrepreneurs who are successful in their own terms
Dr.Sonia Singh  “A Study on HR Practices for Employee Retention in Select Indian IT Organizations”,International Journal of Engineering and Management Research(UGC Approved Peer Reviewed Refereed Journal); Vol 5,Issue 1 ,p159-166,Feb 2015
“Alternatives to Bell curve appraisal system adopted by IT companies– A review”,Samyoga- An academic journal(Special issue),June2016
“Role of HR in Creating & Shaping Organizational Culture,Samyoga- An academic journal, TJGAJ Vol-12,Issue 1,March 2017
“Demographic Characteristics as a Predictor of Employee Retention with respect to 'IT' Organizations in India”,Economic Challenger (UGC Approved Refereed International Journal); Vol 75,Issue 19,p33-43,April-June 2017
“Factors influencing Intention to leave in Supervisory Cadre with reference to IT (Information Technology) Organizations”,Aryabhatta Journal of Mathematics and Informatics(UGC Approved Double-Blind Peer Reviewed Refereed International e-Journal);Vol.09 Issue-01, p 381-388,Jan-June 2017
“A Study on Dimensions of Human Resource Development and its relationship with Employee Retention”,Researchers World - Journal of Arts, Science and Commerce (UGC Approved Refereed Journal) ;Volume VIII, Issue 3(1),July 2017
“HR Practices for attracting & Retaining Talent in IT Organizations in Bangalore: The Employee Perspective”,Asian Journal of Management(UGC Approved International Refereed Quarterly Journal);Vol 8,Issue 3,July-Sept 2017
“HR Practices and its relationship with Employee Retention in changing IT Environment: A study on IT organizations in Bangalore”, Aryabhatta Journal of Mathematics and Informatics(UGC Approved Double-Blind Peer Reviewed Refereed Biannual Print Journal), Vol.9 Issue 2,July-Dec 2017
“The influence of Managerial Leadership and Job satisfaction on Employee Retention: A Survey of IT Companies in Bangalore”,Pacific Business Review International(UGC Approved Refereed Monthly Journal), Vol 10,Issue 3,Sept 2017
Dr Dippi Verma 11 national paper publication , 3 international paper publication and 1 book publication.
Prof. Karpagavalli.G Currently have 16 publications in both national and international journals and participated and presented paper in 4 international conferences and 5 national conferences
Attended around 14 FDP’s at various Universities and affiliated Colleges national level.
Dr. Trupti Dandekar Humnekar 1. Presented a Research Paper titled “Service quality in automobile- a Review” at MTMI 2012 International conference held at Maryland USA and published in RBTR (Review of Business and Technology Research), International Journal of MTMI USA.

2. Research paper titled “Reliability of SERVQUAL for Hotel sector of Pune City-An empirical investigation” is published in March 2011 issue of the ASCI journal of Management.

3. Published Article on the topic of “Emotion as a tool for Insurance Advertising” in “Advertising Express” November, 2010, a magazine of IUP publication

4.  Presented a Research Paper on the topic of “Exploring Service Blueprint- A review” at National conference of Pillai’s Institute of management and Research, Navi Mumbai

5.  Published Article on the topic of “Promotion Techniques for local Coaching Classes” in “Advertising Express” August, 2010, a magazine of IUP publication.

6. Presented a Research Paper on the topic of “A study of Advertising for Islamic Market” at MTMI 2010 International conference held at Canada and published in RBTR (Review of Business and Technology Research), International Journal of MTMI USA.

7. Presented a Research Paper on the topic of “Involvement of family in purchasing decision of Dining Restaurants” at MTMI 2009 International conference held at Indore.

8. Presented a Research Paper on the topic “A study of Gastronomical Tourism in India” at National Conference of Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management, Indore.

9.  Attended “Excellence in Research and Education Conference” (EREC-2009) organized by Indian Institute of Management, Indore.

10.  Attended seminar on topic of “Managing self in difficult situation” organised by IMA, Indore.  

11.  Attended tutorial on “Systematic and multi perspective  learning for business  Decision Making” by Dr. Parag kulkarni, Chief Scientist Capsilon, Pune at National conference of TRUBA College of Engineering and Technology, Indore

12.  Attended tutorial on “IT for SMEs” by Prof. P.Panigrahi, IIM, Indore at National conference of TRUBA College of Engineering and Technology, Indore
13. Attended NEN Workshop on “Foundation course of entrepreneurship” at IPS Academy,Indore
Prof. Rajeshwari Hulyal 1. "Impact of Demonetisation on SMEs" paper published in A journal of International Management Research Consortium - National Conference in association with NABARD and SIDBI.
2. "Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion" paper published in Samyoga Journal - for one day International Conference on "Business opportunities and challenges in cashless society"


1) Master of Business Administration  

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  Eligibility: Any degree with 50% marks(45% SC/ST/OBC/Category-I Applicable only for Karnataka students) in the aggregate from a recognized university.

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