The mission of the Department of Languages is to provide quality education to the students leading to their all-round development in order to create able professionals and responsible citizens of tomorrow who are able to cope with the formidable challenges facing them.


The vision of the Department of Languages is to create an environment where learning becomes a pleasure and seeking of knowledge becomes a passion, to nurture the students with care so that they are able to reach the zenith of success and to create strong bonds with them so that they become an integral part of the family.  

Departmental Profile

Department of Languages, T. John College had its inception in 1993 and is instrumental in teaching the various languages such as Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, French and English to the students across the college. The department also plays a pivotal role in conducting Value Added Programs in English such as Communicative English. The faculty members of the department use effective strategies in teaching coupled with innovative teaching methods. They organize student centric events and activities such as Hindi Saptah, Kannada Rajyotsava Divas and Malayalam Divas celebrations. Dr. Shikha Tiwari, Principal of T. John College and a scholar in Hindi and Sanskrit, is from this department. The faculty members of the department are in the editorial committee and they play a significant role in the publications such as Echoes, the college magazine and Samyoga, the multidisciplinary journal. The department takes an avid interest in club activities and some of the clubs are operated by faculty members of the department such as Sports Club by Ms. Suraiya Banu Shanawaz, Literary Club by Ms. Renjitha K. R. and Mr. Arvind Kumar Gupta. The department has diligently pursued intellectual goals such as research and publications. The department has been at the forefront in the case of various social activities.


HOD – Department of Languages,

Assistant Professor – English

  • Qualification: MA, B Ed., BA (Hons.)
  • Teaching Experience: 13 years
  • Industry Experience: 6.5 years including serving as a distinguished member in the Karnataka State wing for Sharp NGO



Assistant Professor – Hindi,

Placement Coordinator, Dept. of Languages

  • Qualification: M Phil, MA, B Ed., BA (Hons.)
  • Teaching Experience: 19 years
  • Industry Experience: 1 year

Assistant Professor – Kannada

  • Qualification: MA, BA
  • Teaching Experience: 12 years
  • Industry Experience: 3 years, including serving as a prominent member in the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana (SSA)



Assistant Professor – Malayalam,

 BOE/BOS Member of Bangalore Central and North University,


1) Bachelor of Arts (English, Journalism, Psychology)

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