Report on Shahid Bagath singhs Birth anniversary

Date: 28-09-2020

T. John Institute of Technology | Mechanical

Department of Mechanical Engineering organised webinar on the occasion of 113rd Birth anniversary of Shahid Bhagath singh on september 28th 2020.  Webinar was organised in google meet from 2.00pm to 3.15pm.

Meeting is inaugurated by our Respected Principal Dr Arun Vikas Singh.

In his inaugural speech, Principal told Bhagath singh is true revolutionary in the Freedom struggle of India .He is a inspiration to millions of youngster even today. He appreciated Department of Mechnical Engineering for organising this webinar.

Sri Vinaya Sarathi, Vice president. Bangalore District committee. AIDYO , is the chief Guest of  this webinar.

In his speech he covered elaborately,  the incidences like Jalian vala bagh, Non co operative movement, Chouri Choura incident. All these incidences influenced him at the age of 12years only.

Then He joined Hindustan Republican Army formed by Chandrashekhar Azad. During the Freedom struggle he understood that mere transfer of power from British rulers to Indian Landlords and business man of India will not give real freedom to working class, Peasants The exploitation of people will continue by our own countrymen.

His desire was to make socialist India which eliminates the every kind of exploitation by man to man.

He stood for uncompromising fight against British  rule. Netaji Subhash chandra Bose called him as '' Blazing fire of Revolutionary spirit''.

Dr Radha, Head Of Chemistry department appreciated Vinay Sarathi for his speech and told this webinar is very relavant. This type of great personolities to be projected among student community.

Program ended with interaction session with students.

Prof S.G Sujith kumar from  The Department of Mechanical engineering moderated the webinar.

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