Digital Marketing-Shift from man-made to automated mediums owing to greater efficiency is the demand of the time – Guest lecture for 4th semester BBA and 2nd semester B Com students


Keeping up with the current trends in marketing, a guest lecture was organized for the 4th semester BBA and 2nd semester B Com students on digital marketing. The two hour session was anchored by Streamlyn Academy, experts in the domain of digital marketing. The team consisting of three resource people, who have vast experience in online advertising and expertise in functioning of different technologies took the students to the world of automation through digital media and the session highlighted the importance of digitalization of different mediums to accommodate everyday needs. The lecture also touched base on the future and career scope of internet and digital marketing. Different types of digital marketing strategies were explained by audio-visual interface with focus on successful digital marketing campaigns of premium brands. There was wholehearted participation from the students and a great degree of involvement throughout the session.