Guest Lecture for 4th semester BBA students


Services Management: Visible changes in current service sector scenario

The students of fourth semester BBA had an engaging and insightful interaction with the alumni of T John Mr. Aditya Ramachandran, currently working as senior analyst in Concentrix, took place on the 24th of February.

Mr. Aditya’s talk focussed on the multitude of contemporary brands that provided services in today’s world. In addition, the lecture also gave inputs on the fundamentals of service management. The session was replete with personal anecdotes on his journey in the corporate world and how he overcame the problems and hurdles in terms of expectations from the employee.

He also highlighted on the myriad opportunities awaiting the budding managers to be, in the service sector. The job floodgates were open in the fields of digital marketing and how big data is used by different media and advertising companies was also featured in the interactive session.

He also touched upon software requirement specification, service level agreement and various aspects of outsourcing jobs in the service sector. The spotlight was on the technological advancements that were changing the phase of the service sector and this was substantiated with examples drawn from diverse areas.

The lecture was an enriching experience for the students and the important take away was the visible changes in current service sector scenario and how they need to equip themselves for the dynamic environment.