Industrial Visit to Stock Market Institute by BBA & B.Com students T.John College


The students of VIth semester BBA department and IInd semester B.Com department attended an Industrial Visit to Stock Market Institute on 22nd January 2018. The visit was extremely insightful as the students learnt about the fundamentals of the investment market. The interactive session was lined with examples with real life scenarios where investment knowledge can yield high returns.  The program was structured to include the basics knowledge of stock market, how to choose the right company for investment and to understand the drawbacks and temptations of the market as well.

The highlight of the visit was the feel of the trading floor that the students were exposed to. The institute created a mock trading floor for the students with traders, analysts and stock brokers. The trading game was extremely stimulating and the role play left the students with a high adrenaline rush and a taste of real life trading.