One-day Industry Academia meet and Workshop on “Enhancing Employability Quotient”


tations. They said how the industry is no more looking for job seekers but instead its looking for Entrepreneurs, How well prepared the students  need to be in order to crack the expectations of the employer. Also they threw light how core specialisation is preferred than dual specialisation by the industry. They also made the students aware that how the students need to updates in regards to technology.

The program started with welcome address by Dr. Nilanjana Basu, Executive Director, Management Studies Department, followed by Lamp Lighting by all the dignitaries.  Overview of Workshop was delivered by Prof. Ravi Kumar, Associate professor, Management Studies Department. Dr. Shikha Tiwari, Principal, T John College, gave the Inaugural Address.

The Keynote talk was delivered by Mr. V V S Mani, Director Operations, UNIBIC Foods India Pvt. Ltd on “Fostering a culture of collaboration between Academia & Industry”. Mr. Mani first clarifies on the expectations of Industry and Academia and how these expectations differ from each other. He elaborated on the skills expected of MBA students in today’s context such as knowledge beyond textbooks, good communication skills, familiarity with latest technology, adaptability & versatility, positive approach, cultural fit and so on. The session was quiet interesting and stimulated high level of interactions from the audience. At the end, Vote of Thanks was rendered by Ms. Sucharita Banerji, Associate Professor, Management Studies Department. The entire Inauguration program was anchored by Dr. R. Shashikala, Associate Professor, Management Studies Department.

 The second technical session delivered by Mr. Seshadri CTO, Future Group , on “Bridging the Skill Gap” . Mr. Seshadri spoke on how to create effective Human Capital by emphasizing on emotional balance, contextual learning, experiential & interactive learning and bringing about a climate of creativity. He introduced the participants to the concept of Triple Helix which comprises of University, Industry and the Government and explained the Holocracy or Holocratic organizational structure at Future Group wherein the concept of Chief of Enterprise becomes prominent. Lastly, he provided inputs on how Faculty members and students can focus on certain key areas to bridge the skill gap like forming an Industry pool for continuous exchange programme, encouraging faculty consultancy programmes and interactive learning through Industry experts.

 The afternoon session started with  a panel discussion . The agenda of discussion was on the ways to improve employability quotient.  The speakers were Mr.Srivatsa –Director Net Aspire Solution, Mr.Shivakumar Business Head TeamLease, Mr.Umesh-General Manager Britannia. The moderator was Prof.R V Lokesh (Placement Incharge ).All the three speakers covered a wide area in the Industry –Academia expec

The participating students asked various curious questions in regards to their placement which was answered by the panel promptly and accurately. The students asked questions as to the job opportunities in the Gulf for which they got to know  as what are the areas they have to work upon. The panel speakers also suggested that the faculties must do more activities outside class room than just downloading PPTs .

The program was sponsored by WINSTAR Training & Consulting. Prof Dr Justin , CEO,Winstar Training & Consulting  ,was also present in  the program.Overall it was a great learning session for all .