Guest lecture on the topic “ Servlet ”


The guest lecture was conducted on the topic “Servlet” on 10-11-2017 from 12:30PM -2:30PM in room number 108 for 2nd year, 3rd year and final year students in the ISE department of TJIT. 

The guest speaker was Prof. Mahesh Babu from CSE department, T.John institute of Technology. The talk started as per the scheduled time.The speaker gave a detailed overview of what is a servlet, how it helps the client, life cycle of servlet, types of servlets, cookies etc. It was a very informative and engaging session. 

He started with an introduction of Java classes, moving on to Java servlet API explaining how to deploy and run a Servlet and Servlet generation using JSP. The life cycle of a java servlet was also explained describing various steps.

At the end of the lecture the speaker clarified and answered the questions raised by the students and the faculties.