Industrial Visit to Stock Market Institute for BBA & B.Com students of T.John College


BBA Department of T.John College arranged Industrial Visit to Stock Market Institute for the students of the department. The 1st semester BBA Visited on 27th Oct 2017, The 3rd semester BBA Visited on 28th Oct 2017, The 1st semester B.Com Visited on 30th Oct 2017. Students where in for a real stock markets buying and selling experience when they went on an Industrial Visit to the Stock Market Institute - The only place where careers are built and money is multiplied, located in Brigade road in Bangalore, Mr. Kishore C.S, COO took the audience to a spell binding to our session that included nuances of trade, history of the stock exchange and everyday trade terms. His session was replete with examples on choosing the company to invest mainly by observation.

      After the 2 hour session,a Pitt trading activity was conducted with 3 students volunteering as pillars in the stock exchange and the trading happen on 5  popular scrips.The next half an hour saw heavy buying and selling activity that had the seminar hall like a trading ring, echoing in loud voices and soaring script prices.

       The investors of tomorrow had arrived with a bang on the stock exchange scene and shares were heavily traded. The mock investors got pumped up with hectic selling activities that ensued after listening in to the flash news.

      The bulls and bears were charging and finally there was closing bell and intra day activities came to an astounding close with many of the final semester students getting their money multiplied despite the sensex closing down by 140 points.

       The concluding half an hour was on expert tips on how to survive in the market and sustain with the help of "E F G H", an acronym which stood for “Emotion, Fear, Greed, Hope”!
India's first board game on stock market called "THE BULL RUN" - Beat it or Lose it is a product of this institute and is available online.