Industrial Visit to Doordarshan Kendra Bengaluru


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, T John Institute of Technology conducted an Industry visit for 5th semester students to DoorDarshan Kendra, J.C Nagar, Bangalore on 21/09/2017. The visit was intended to reinforce teaching learning process.
Outcome of the program/visit: The students learnt about

  1. Transmitter Room

 It is a major unit of DD to broadcast all the programs/Events. They explained about how video and   audio are transmitted through Satellite communication. This section consists of Digital and Analog transmitter.Explained about how analog and Digital modulation takes place which includes Modulator, Decoder, Encoder, Multiplexer, De-multiplexer, and Demodulator.

  1. Playback Server

 The higher authorizers will send the Q-sheet of day to day program and tape of all programs then authorized person will see the Q-sheet and arrange the program according to the order of events. The system automatically takes listed programs and the same telecast on air will come to our TV’s. Televisions (TV) with cable will get program in actual time but TV’s with Setup box will receive the programs with some amount of delay.

  1. Recording studio unit

Acoustic systems & sound systems, Cameras of different resolution, Teleprompt.

  1. Editing unit

 Virtual Background, Online recording.

  1. Video Tape Recorder (VTR) studio

 Applications of OFC cables, MSR, Recorder, Editing of news with audio, video and voice of original speech, Controlling of cameras and lights through different switches

  1. Earth Station is used for uplink and downlink data from satellite

 Eg: Recording of National/International level sports

  1. Master Antenna is a self radiating antenna

  Eg:Used by private channels like 93.5 Red FM

  1. Outside broadcast vehicles and sink studio
  2. Power management for the communication system

A total of 46 students participated in the industry visit with faculties Prof Kanakaraju R, Prof Mohan H M, and Prof Champa H, Asst Professors , Department of ECE, T John Institute of Technology, Bangalore.