FDP on Database Application Development


Ms. Annie Sujith, Asst. Professor from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) of TJIT had participated in an  FDP on ”Database Application Development” organized by RNS Institute of Technology, Bengaluru on 02nd and 03rd August 2017. 

On 02nd August 2017 the session started with a Keynote address on “Query Optimization” by Dr. Jayanth R. Haritsa, Sr. Professor, Chairman, CSA, IISc., Bengaluru. The next session was by Dr. G T Raju, Professor, RNSIT, Bengaluru in which he gave introduction to Database concepts, Data Models, Database Design ER Modelling, Relational Data Model, Relational Algebra and Example Queries.  The session was continued by Dr. P Kiran, Associate Professor, RNSIT, Bengaluru in which he addressed SQL – Features, Data Types, DDL and DML statements and solved various example queries. The last session of the day was Hands On session on SQL. 

On 03rd August 2017 the first session was on Normalization and Normal Forms by Dr. L Suresh, Principal, CIT, Bengaluru. The next session was on Python Programming – Database Integration by Mrs Sahana Kumaraswamy, Infosys, Bengaluru. Followed by various sessions on Database Application Development  using Python, Java, C# and PHP by renowned industrialists and corporate trainers.