The Club Activities on 14th July at T. John College


The club activity for the academic year 2017-18 commenced on 14th of July 2017. The day saw vibrant students actively participating in the events of their respective clubs. The modelling clubstarted their club hours by making the students into groups to test their walking style and helped in rectifying their walks to suit the requirement of a model.The nature club formed groups on the first day and the expectations of the students were discussed. They planned for the vertical garden and cleaning of the compost pit. The Culture club started with an introduction following which planning for August 15th, the Independence Daywere discussed.In yoga club students were given an introduction to yoga and the plans of the club were discussed. A pre-assessment test was done. The sports club under the able guidance of Ms. Sunitha, Assistant Professor, BBA Department started off with their Basketball session this week. The enthusiastic students were greeted by Mr. Advaith, an ardent basketball player and son of Ms. Sunitha. He briefed them about the protocols of the game, following which a demo match was played. Mr.Advaith pointed the violations and mistakes of the players which led to a clearer understanding of the rules of the game. The session had lasted for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

The students in the Computer club were given a pre-assessment test this week following which an Introduction session was held where the groups discussed about the ‘how dependent we are on the internet’ following a personal introduction of the students.

The club activity started off a pre-assessment at the Literary club. The assessment tested the students’ communication skills and imagination so as to provide them a holistic development as an individual.

The Mind Engineering club students felt rejuvenated after understanding the different ways of tuning their mind and they learn the difference between Brain and Mind. Dr. Thomas John, our chairman also enlightened them with the concept of subconscious, super conscious and unconscious mind. Apart from that Anatomy of body and brain was discussed. It was a fruitful and very knowledgeable session. 

The manager’s club had an introductory speech regarding the club and a pre-assessment was done for the students who have enrolled themselves with the club. The chess clubs started off with 5 teams competing in a match. The final match that lasted for a while had the audience in at the edge of their seat. The NSS club started off the club activity with an introduction and discussion about the plan for the semester. Enrollment of a few more students was completed and 49 students were present out of 53.

The photography club grouped the students so that they could take photos of the activities going on in each clubs. They were accompanied by Mr.Finny, the coordinator who went to each club to cover the events. At last they submitted their cameras to sir to select the best picture of the day and the rest were deleted. The cookery club headed by Mr. Balaji Singh taught the students to make three different soups- TamatarkaShorba, Veg Manchow Soup and Tomato egg Crop Soup. The students actively participated in learning and relished the outcome.