MECHMERIZE-2K17: A Forum of Mechanical Engineers


The Department of Mechanical Engineering, TJIT organized events under Forum of Mechanical Engineers named MECHMERIZE 2K17 on 10th  and 11th  May 2017.The occasion was graced by the cast and crew of movie ‘Tiger’, Mr.Pradeep (Actor), Mr. Rahul R K (Actor) and Dr. Prabhakar Reddy (Entrepreneur) . MECHMERIZE is mainly student centric activity. The student coordinators of MECHMERIZE are RoshanSapota(President of MECHMERIZE), Stanley Amruth(Vice-President of MECHMERIZE). The staff coordinators are Mr.Santosh.S.Kolli & Lingaraju.L. The students dedicated their time and effort for the grant success of the program.The Forum activities were conducted for 2 days. The events included both technical and non-technical programs. All technical events were conducted on 10/05/17 and non-technical events were conducted on 11/5/2017. The students and staff of MECHMERIZE expressed sincere gratitude to Dr. Sumod Daniel, Head of Department of Engineering for his constant guidance and support. 

Event 1: Team Fun Events (10-05-2017)

The event had 2&3 members in a team and Nine teams had participated in events. There were many events like Eco Bite, Carrom Dada , Mid City Madness & Dumb Charades etc. to make the students to show their talents.


Event 2: Individual Fun Events (10-05-2017)

The event had 150Participantswith events like Pic-o-money, Table Tennis, Eat all you can etc.

Event 3: Team Sports Events (10-05-2017)

Many teams participated in sports events such as Cricket, Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Tug of War.

There were many teams in the qualifier matches and two teams qualified for final match in all the events.

Event 4: Individual Events (10-05-2017)

Presentation, CAED Drawing, Machining, Chess Master, Shotput, Snail Race were conducted as individual events. Many students participated in all the individual events. It was highly entertaining events. Students enjoyed all events.