Awareness program on Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking


Mr. Kalathil Karthik from HACKENG who is a Co-founder / Lead Trainer, Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking conducted a workshop on “Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. The workshop was very informative and useful to the students of VIII and VI semester of BE(ISE).

This workshop was organized to provide a platform to exchange the best practices in the implementation of Cyber security and ethical hacking. 

                Ethical Hacking is the use of hacking skills to attack a security system on behalf of its owners. Students got the ideas of The IDS (The Intrusion Detection System), Antivirus etc.  The anatomy of an attack, how to harden our networks from these threats? i.e how to formulate strong security policy in terms of offensive and defensive securities, to be aware of all the threats, awareness training for employees on a regular basis, to conduct regular security assessment on our network, to have backup data, incident response were explained by the speaker. How to be aware from these hackers in terms of Security, Protecting, Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. Ensuring integrity by using Hashing algorithm stores the hash value in the system instead of passwords.

The workshop was very useful to the Students and Faculties.