Guest Lecture on Campus Recruitment Training for BBA students, TJC


A training on campus recruitment was arranged for the 4th and 6th semester BBA students of TJC on 12th of January 2017 at the BHM seminar hall.

Mr. Sanjeeb Paul, Alumni of IIM-A and currently the academic manager of CL Educate, was the resource person for the session. He gave a brief introduction on the industry expectations regarding campus recruitment and how graduating students needed to be industry and market ready. He suggested ways on how they could realize their full potential and work towards their goals. He touched upon the prerequisites that are vital and essential for gaining a strong foothold in the industry, such as aptitude, logical and analytical thinking, the self introduction style, stressing on the need to be oneself – unique, distinct and how to stand out from the crowd. The students were enthralled with his interesting and interactive approach to problem solving and actively participated in the hour long session with their thoughts and inputs. He was delighted at the enthusiasm of students to become entrepreneurs and self made businessmen and women and suggested ways to fulfil their dreams.

Mr. Sanjeeb’s power point presentation was replete with anecdotes, real life corporate questions and basic Math questions that could easily be solved by logic and reasoning without applying formulae and which could be extrapolated to crisis management as well. He reiterated time and again on the need to bring out the latent talent that each one of the students was enriched with and exhibit their skills and knowledge. Many aspects of personality dimensions such as leadership, inspiration, motivation and self awareness were eloquently out by Mr. Sanjeeb and the students were amply enriched by his presentation. The highlight of the lecture was the participative nature of the guest lecture that took all the students along with utmost interest.

The program was coordinated by Mr. Arun Kumar.R, Faculty in the Department of BBA, T John College.