Curriculum Planning and Development Session


A session on CPD (Curriculum Planning and Development was conducted by TJC  Principal Sister Rose Mary Balappa  in CTL Seminar Hall on 17th September 2021.

The objective of the session  was planning the curriculum for the upcoming semester. The session  outlined  the basics of  planning and the detailed information that needs to be  thought of  planned and executed for the upcoming semester.

The basic details and outcome of the subject, student related details, course related details including assignments and guest lectures and the procedures that need to be followed for smooth running of the teaching program  was explained very clearing in this very session.

Also books and reading   material and utilization of the resources available in the library  and its importance  was stressed upon. Listening skills and the assessment of the same and its utility was reiterated.  The participants were also informed that  a CPD presentation will be  followed up by this session before the beginning of this semester.

On the whole the session was highly productive and beneficial for all the teachers as it created expectations from them and also allowed them to follow a road map for  a successful teaching learning experience.