DATE: 19.07.2021

DAY 1 SESSION 1: Technical Pedagogy in Academic Research for Easy Learning

Speaker: Dr. Senthil Kumar .M HOD - Textile Technology PSG Polytechnic

The speaker emphasized more on the steps involved in academic research as a building blocks of the academic research, according to the speaker there is more significance role for the selection of research article for reading and this plays an important role in productive research, speaker also insisted that once the research articles are read and the necessary research activities are conducted the next step is to write an article for which the guidelines was discussed in brief by the speaker which included inclusion of Data interpretation, new findings, materials / methods, conclusion etc.


DATE: 19.07.2021

DAY 1 SESSION 2: Project Based Learning & Patterning

Speaker: Dr. G. Puthilibai, Professor - Chemistry, Sri Sairam Engineering College, Chennai

In the context of changing world, science and technology play its important roles in all level of community. Organizations need to develop students in terms of scientific knowledge and promote them make thinking critically, doing empirically based on nature of science, scientific literacy. The pedagogical aspects need to have inquiring mind in science and make them to meet both sciences in appropriate ways. Also, instructional strategies in school of science should allow students meet the goals of science education. It is to enable students to observe their natural environment and to develop skills required to understand and explain both themselves.

Finally, the session indicates/explains “Reflection is a very important part of the learning process”.


DATE: 20.07.2021

DAY 2 SESSION 1: Crypto Currency- The Next Big Thing

Speaker: Mr. Thushar Soubhari, Assistant Professor, NSS College

The session was focused on the various aspects of crypto currency covering the history and the emerging future of it. The speaker gave his insights on the block chain technology and the networking which plays a vital role in the functioning of the crypto currencies and its trading.


DATE: 20.07.2021

DAY2 SESSION 2: 5G Technology

Speaker: Mr. Goutham Pydiparthi, Director in

IVYEDUTECH Solutions Pvt. Ltd – Since 2018

The fifth generation of wireless technology promises more than just a faster, more capacity, lower latency and spectrum better than 4G network.

Mr. Goutham Pydiparthi has covered the topics like…

  • Intro & Underlying Technologies
  • Generations of Mobile Networks
  • Will 5G affect the Global Economy
  • Usage predictions of 5G
  • Speed & Peak Data Transfer Rates
  • Availability of the 5G Technology
  • Devices & Gadgets

The first nation to adopt on a large scale was South Korea, in April 2019, at which point there were some 224 operators in 88 countries around the world investing in the technology.

Broadly speaking, 5G is used across three main types of connected services, including enhanced mobile broadband, mission-critical communications, and the massive IoT.

Moreover, evolving 5G for smart transportation and evolving 5G in automobiles was really informative.


DATE: 21.07.2021

DAY 3 SESSION 1: Advancements in Food and Beverage Service Industry

Speaker: Mr. Deepak R, Territory Manager, Brown Forman Pvt. Ltd

This presentation helps to accelerate F&B service industry is one of the driving forces of the global economy through technological support.

It encourages adoption of new technologies in this industry to fundamentally reshape the way in which services are provided and received.

In this presentation, participants explored some of the state-of-the-art technologies currently employed in the F&B service industry and how they are improving guest experiences and changing the hospitality service platform.


DATE: 21.07.2021


Advancements in Illustrations Software

Speaker: Ms. Pavitra Basilica, CLO 3D Illustrator, Fashion Educator

The speaker said- the software is user friendly and CLO is an integrated platform for designing and pattern making which can create innumerable types of graphics which will make the design look realistic. The textures and rendering is the emphasizing feature of the software and more importantly the drapability of the selected fabric with the selected design can be designed on this software was an interesting segment for the attendees to hear. The speaker also displayed the virtual fashion shows which can be conducted by this software and finally selection of avatar and pattern making features were briefed.


DATE: 22.07.2021

DAY 4 SESSION 1: Communication Skills for Effective Pedagogy

Speaker: Mr. Narsimhan, HOD and Associate Professor Vijaya Evening College

In this session he highlighted the importance of Communication skills for teaching and effectiveness of any Pedagogical approach. Communication is the crux of any interaction; this was amply conveyed by him through various means and techniques. The session was very informative for audience as it gave an insight as to how to upgrade one’s communication skills in order to do justice to any pedagogical approach while teaching.


DATE: 22.07.2021


Cognitive Learning Strategies for Effective Teaching

Speaker: Dr. Triveni S. Associate Professor Karnatak University, Dharwad

The Cognitive Learning is a theory used to explain mental processes and how they are influenced by both internal and external factors in order to produce learning in an individual. Dr. Triveni ensured that the concept of Cognitive Learning was well understood by the audience and her examples of how to apply cognitive learning to teach a class was very useful and informative for the participants. The FDP was very fruitful as the feedback from both the sessions were very informative, useful and positive.


DATE: 23.07.2021

DAY 5 SESSION 1: Higher Order Thinking

Speaker: Ms. Ashwini NV

Founder, Muktha Foundation

Ms. Aswini, Guest Speaker, spoke about the higher order thinking. the output of the speech was improving learning progress and critical thinking. That who employ high-order thinking skills understand how to analyse and evaluate complex information, categorize, manipulate and connect facts, trouble shoot for solutions, understand concepts, connections and big picture of thinking, problem solving and develop insightful reasoning.


DATE: 23.07.2021

DAY 5 SESSION 2: Teaching Pedagogy and Placements

Speaker: Mr. Antony Firmin Alexander,

Institutional Partner at Myquest

Mr. Antony Firmin Alexander, Guest Speaker, spoke about the Placements & Teaching Pedagogies. The output of the speech was how students learning outcomes should be helpful in developing the teaching pedagogies and practice to consider the values and learning to perpetuate through placement education experiences.


Dr. Thomas P John, Chairman,

T John Group of Institutions

The pillar of T John Group of Institutions has always been a strength to the institution and its stakeholders. He has been always supporting and motivating us to take initiatives. We thank our esteemed Chairman for giving us the opportunity to share a common platform where we could have a teaching-learning process.  

Thank you, Sir, for having faith in us.


Sr. Rose Mary Balappa, Principal,

T John College

Our beloved principal Sr. Rose Mary Balappa who is always known for her kindness and who has always been empathetic towards the people around her. We would like to extend our hearty thanks to our leader Sr. Rose Mary Balappa, who has been motivating us with her virtues and dynamic thoughts.


It would be incomplete without thanking our administrator, Mr. Roy M Raju, who has been continuously and effortlessly supporting us throughout.

We thank our IQAC director, Dr. Karthikeyan C, for guiding us.

We would like to thank all the HODs, all the faculty members, non-teaching staff for extending their valuable helping hands in making this FDP a grand success.

On behalf of the entire fraternity of T. John College, we thank all the participants without whom the session would have been incomplete and our esteemed guests who made it possible from their busy schedule. We would like to thank the Almighty for His blessings, and all the teaching and non- teaching staff for their timeless contribution to this success.