Guest Lecture on Mindfulness Meditation


A Guest Lecture on ‘Mindfulness Meditation’ was conducted for BBA VI Semester on 27th February 2020. by Ms. Sophia Ngangbam. She is the Head - Sales and Business Development at MAIORA Visionary & Founder of Be The You Foundation.


The Guest lecture is based on being mindful which is the basic human ability to be fully aware of their surroundings, knowing of where we are and what we are doing. It is not only the formal meditation but also being aware of the things one does every day.



She started the session with an activity and asked the students to state what they acknowledge in life. She also asked them to practice meditation for few minutes. This workshop was refreshing to the students for a while to rejuvenate their mind with the activity. It helped the students to introspect and realise the importance of what they have in life and how to be grateful to what they have. In this fast moving world, such a guest lecture is needed for the students to pause during their life to realise themselves and to be grateful for life.