The students from BBA Semester II of the Department of Management Studies took part in the cultural competition “ADHEERA” organized by the Nobel group of institutions. They illuminated the competition with wonderful performances from their end and won prizes making T John College proud of their achievements. The function was organized on 12th February 2020.

Ms. Jahnavi Reddy, Mr. Dilip, Mr. Harsha, Mr. Alando, Mr. Raphal, Mr. Abhilash, Ms. Roja and Ms. Harshitha from BBA-II semester had participated in a Mime competition on the concept of “Mobile Addiction” and provided a deep insight on the worst possible effects of mobile addiction in youth. The team won the first prize.

Mr. S. Udaya Chandra Aradhya from BBA-II- semester won First prize for a “Solo Instrument” event, playing the tabla. The professionalism and confidence level displayed while playing the instrument was paramount.

The all round performances of the BBA students helped the T John College garner overall the overall championship award.