CLUB WRITE UP 9.8.2019


The club activities for the day commenced with the enthusiastic participation of the students in various club activities. The Culinary club taught the students to cook new delicacies .The Yoga Club started with a loosening exercises and students performed Surya Namaskara . Four forms of pranayama: Nadia Shuddi,Brahmari Shuddhi, Sheethali and Kapalabathi were practiced. Two new asanas Ushtrasana , Shalabasan were practiced. The IT Club students were given a session on significance of web technology, the application areas, introduction of tags in the various technologies that includes latest ones like HTML, JavaScript, Perl, JSS. The students later designed static web pages The  Sales and Marketing  club discussed the promotional strategies for promoting the products which are our college’s hoodies, t -shirts and caps. Students indulged in discussing on planning of promotional activities such as designing of posters, possible channels through which promotions can be undertaken. The Literary Club conducted a creativity and analytical enhancement activity which included a article writing. The Photography Club worked on the theme of Still Photography. The Speech club had a session on handling difficult topics and showed a video on the speech etiquettes.  The Theatre club members were practicing the mime act with music for the Independence Day celebrations. The Dance Club choreographed for   sathiyama ne enakku theva ille. The Music club practiced for the Independence Day. The creativity and innovation club had a lateral thinking session. The NSS club engaged the students to have a session on Understanding NSS-OBJECTIVES, MISSION. The session ended with students sharing their idea for investment in future. The Research club started by giving presentation to the students on various topics related to research like, what is research? Importance, objectives, types of research with real time examples which was interactive. Then, students were involved in discussion on selecting the topics of their interest for article/ paper writing.