19th of July, 2019 marked as the beginning of the club activities for the academic year 2019-20.  The Club Registration for all first and second year students of T. John College, for the odd semester commenced with the students enrolling themselves for the clubs of their choice. The clubs were as diverse as Cookery and Beverages Club, Managers Club, Yoga Club, IT Club, Sales and Marketing club, Literary Club, Photography Club, Modeling Club, Speech club, Theatre club, Dance Club, Music club, Readers club, General Knowledge club, Funds Management club, Art club, and Entrepreneurship Club. 

The first session of Club for the academic year 2019-20 commenced on the same day. The day saw vibrant students actively participating in the events of their respective clubs.

The clubs enrolled the students and provided an introduction to the plan of the activities, this semester and conducted the pre-assessment tests for the students.

TJC campus sees the beginning of a new term cycle of club activities this semester, in terms of environment, literary, cultural, and professional spheres.

The club activities for the day commenced with the enthusiastic participation of the students in various club activities. The Cookery and Beverages Club had the pre-assessment test. The Managers Club conducted the assessments for the students. The Yoga Club introduced the students to various asanas and suryanamaskara and the benefits of yoga. The IT Club conducted IT quiz. The Sales and Marketing club introduced the students the nuances of marketing and sales with an assessment. The Literary Club conducted a pre-assessment test. The Photography Club collected the photographs of the various clubs.  The Modeling Club was preparing for UTOPIA. The Speech club conducted the pre-assessment test for the students who have recently joined and did a presentation on Dos and DONTs of public speaking. The Theatre club conducted a pre-assessment for all the students and drafted a script for its mime. The Dance Club choreographed for a song. The Music club started with a pre-assessment test and started practice for Independence Day. The General Knowledge club had a quiz on Know my India. The, Funds Management club started the session on kinds of funds and equities. The Art and craft club conducted a pre-assessment test and have started making photo frame. The Entrepreneurship Club conducted a survey on entrepreneurship assessments.