Industrial Training for the teachers of BBA department


Industrial Training is to expose the teachers to actual working environment and enhance their knowledge and skill from what they have learned in the college. The value of developing stronger links with industry in the current economic climate is being realized more and more by higher education institutions. Increase input by employers in course development, students’ placement and the offering of “sandwich” option in many degrees stem from increasing awareness that it must be mutually beneficial to bring academic and industry closing together. Industry can influence the learning of to produce a potential workforce with the academic knowledge and flexibility they will require. The faculty of the Department of business administration visited Lam Square, a plywood and lamination factory.

The industry gives us fresh experience on the discipline of working in a professional organisation and it also helped to develop understanding of the functioning and organisation of a business. The industrial training also assists in the interaction with other professional and non-professional group.

The entire production process in the timber factory was explained threadbare and we were stunned to know that here was a small scale industry which had zero wastage.. The teachers were explained each and every process in the plywood and laminate factory. The highlight of the visit was the detailed description on the numerous risks involved in this venture and how the company has overcome them.

Located in Ragihalli at Jigani in the outskirts of Bengaluru, Lam square is managed by a team of partners who have been toiling hard to achieve fame and visibility in a highly competitive environment. The brilliant takeaways from this visit were the organized effort, discipline in accomplishment of task and systematizing the domains of the production process.