Yoga Club & Photography Club


Yoga Club

Post assessment was conducted for all the students. They were told to perform Asanas & Pranayama. They were also asked to explain the benefits of the various Asanas.

Marks were assigned based on the performance of the Asanas and Pranayama. The following post assessment criteria were set:

1) Performance of Surya Namaskara – 10 and 12 counts

2) Performance of Sitting Asanas

3) Performance of Standing Asanas

4) Performance of Prone Posture

5) Performance of Pranayama

6) Performance of Relation Techniques

All the students provided their feedback about the yoga club sessions. We ended the session with a positive note to continue yoga .

As on today in modeling club Post Assessment session was conducted,

Students made a group formation where the assessment for Co-ordination was reviewed and

on a individual ramp walk the students were assessed for Attitude & Confidence.


We felt great to see the improvement happened in the students and it was a good session.

Post Assessment was done for the students of finance club, this week.

In today's Music club, Post-Assessment was done. The students were asked to sing individually and in groups in different styles. Based on which the post-Assessment was done.

PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB – Activity– PPT Presentation

Today theme was “PPT Presentation” on Photography continuity of the previous week. Many questions on Photography like history, types of cameras, list of themes, types of photography, Photographic techniques, Conceptual photography, Abstract Photography and many more were given to students. Students were grouped into teams and every team was allotted a question. All the teams presented their ppt’s and few are posted in Facebook.