Industrial Visit to Dairy Classic Ice Creams Private Limited


An industrial visit was carried out for 2nd semester BBA and B Com students of TJC on 28th February, 2019.

The visit was to Dairy Classic Ice Creams Private Limited located at Harohalli on Kanakupara Road in the Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board. About 100 students along with 2 faculty members had the unique opportunity of visiting a fully automated ice cream plant and were enriched in the real exposure to the production unit.

The Dairy Classic Ice creams Private limited churns out its flag ship product “Dairy Day” ice creams from this plant.. With their expertise in the ice cream industry, the entrepreneurs tasted success in a short span of time. From a modest beginning in a 2,000 sq feet rented building, the company now owns a 25,000 sq feet manufacturing facility with latest technology. Plans are afoot to set up a state-of-the-art production unit sprawling over one lakh sq feet on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Dairy Day's state-of-the-art production facility in Bangalore has a production capacity up to 30,000 litres per day. The company has got ISO-22000-2005 (FSMS) Certification for adherence to quality and consists of a supervision team of qualified Dairy Technologists, Food Technologists and Microbiologists apart from an exclusive R & D team.

Geared with caps that ensured a hygienic visit to the spic and span facility, the students were first taken to the dry fruits and nuts section that had machines to detect metal components in them. The employee explained the process and the students were overawed at the volume of nuts that were segregated in a jiffy.

The next section was the storage unit that housed all the ingredients in solid form ranging from skimmed milk powder, sugar, emulsifiers, pulps, flavours etc all neatly stacked and arranged. Few of the workers were seen rolling out labels from the machines.

Two gigantic drums attracted the students’ attention which was actually mixing drums that melted the chocolate at 60 degrees centigrade and subsequently mixed all the ingredients together. The budding managers and entrepreneurs listened in rapt attention to the staff who explained how the state of the art technology worked. The grand top view giving a bird’s eye view of the entire production and packing process was a hit with the students and they were amazed at the precision of the machines that neatly filled up cones, buckets and family packs of ice creams in myriad flavours and sizes!

The students were then treated to a small tub of ice cream fresh from the unit and they enjoyed every bit of it waiting for more like Oliver Twist!

They were then taken to the deep freezing unit with the temperature set at -20 degrees centigrade and the students expressed their joy and glee to be in sub zero temperatures that beat the harsh summer heat. The entire floor was stacked with the particular batch of neatly packed ice creams.

This factory has two units, one for cones and cups and another for candies and sticks.

There was a photo op session to wind up the visit and the students had a really “cool” experience. There was a certain element of social media marketing with Facebook pages tagged with the visit.

Few moments of the industry experience are here