ALUMNI MEET : 12-06-2022

The Department of ISE organized its Alumni Meet on 6th, June 2022 in Seminar Hall 230. Near about seventeen alumni graced the Meet. The Agenda started with the Invocation talk by our Vice Principal, Dr. H. P. Shrinivasa followed by all the Alumni one by one to share their Memories in TJIT and the guidance regarding contemporary Industry Expectations. All have given their acceptance to give a Lecture on their domain with its perceptual view to the juniors. They have also suggested conducting future Alumni Meets as an One Day Event with a fully fledged Agenda. The students were highly impressed by the Knowledge, Ideas and suggestions given by all the Alumni. The meet ended with a good interaction with all the students pondering all the precious memories.

Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in IOT: 09-06-2022

The Department of ISE organized a Guest Lecture on “Recent Trends in IOT” for all ISE Students on 9th, June 2022 in Seminar Hall 230. The Guest Speaker Mr. M. Gokul, Associate Software Engineer, Felicitous Solutions started his session by giving the Definition of IOT. He then depicted all about where IOT is making changes and with all its applications like Smart Egg Tray, Hydroponic System, Smart Sprinkler Control, Smart Lighting, Blood Pressure Monitor etc.

Guest Lecture on “Cyber Threats and Prevention” : 24-05-2022

The Department of ISE organized a Guest Lecture on “Cyber Threats and Prevention” for all ISE Students on 24th, May 2022 at Seminar Hall 230. The Guest Speaker Mr. Nafis Nuruddin, Corporate Instructor, Bengaluru started his session with the Need for Cyber Security. He then depicted all kinds of Threats like Hacking, Malware and Phishing with all Real Time illustrations.

Seminar On Tips to Crack Quantitative Aptitude : 28-04-2022

The Department of Information Science and Engineering, T. John Institute of Technology, Bengaluru has organized a Seminar on “Tips to Crack Quantitative Aptitude” for sixth and eighth semester students on 28th April, 2022 (Thursday) in Seminar Hall 230. The Resource Person Dr. J. Suganthi, HoD/ISE, who is a certified trainer for Aptitude and Soft Skills, instigated her talk from what is observed in Aptitude Round? She also enhanced her views on Careers in IT and the Placement process with the Industry Expectations from an IT professional.

Seminar On How to Feel Good About Yourself: 06-04-2022

On 6th April, 2022, the Advisory Council of T.John Institute of Technology organized a Seminar on “How to Feel Good about Yourself” for Mentors. The main objective of this Seminar is to create awareness about Mental Health Literacy.

In and Out of Start-Up: 03-03-2022

TJIT IIC (TIIC) arranged a Webinar on “In and Out of Startup” by Dr. Abhishek Appaji, Consultant and Project Reviewer of Start-up Karnataka on 03/03/2022. Dr. Abhishek Appaji explained about the hype cycle in emerging technologies, Indian employment outlook and investor’s mind set in detail. The slides were skilfully done as it was not only visually appealing but also informative to the audience. He also mentioned his achievements and patents with the intention of motivating the audience. He spoke about the signs that help us identify the entrepreneur inside ourselves. By quoting real life experiences he made his presentation easy to understand. Overall, the session was very informative and insightful.

BRIEF REPORT ON NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON “OBE and NBA Accreditation Process”: 13-01-2020

VTU has organized a VTU-TEQIP 1.3 sponsored 5 days National Workshop on “OBE and NBA Accreditation” process from January 13th to 18th 2020 in Jyothy Institute Of Technology Campus, Thataguni, Bengaluru. For those institutions which were not NBA accredited. In the program the resource persons [ NBA experts insisted that NBA is a compulsory for all the colleges from 2022] are from reputed NBA accredited institutes across Karnataka. The main objectives of this program is to learn the entire process of OBE practices. Design Vision and Mission statements, to frame quality course outcomes, and mapping course outcomes with Program objectives. Participants were trained with practical sessions, File preparation and document management for self-assessment report (SAR). Mapping of COs & POs, Importance, Rubrics/formats & examples for theory course, Laboratory courses were covered.

PROJECT EXPO-2019: 08-06-2019

T John Institute of Technology had organized “PROJECT EXPO 2019” on 8th June 2019. The objective of conducting this “PROJECT EXPO 2019” is to provide a platform for students from various branches of Engineering college to share their innovative ideas and creates opportunities for student’s to exhibit their special talents in various technical events.

Report on Industrial Visit to ICAT Design and Media College: 27-02-2019

Department of Information Science and Engineering organized an Industrial Visit for the students of 4th, 6th semesters to ICAT Design and Media College, Bommanahalli, Bengaluru - 68 on 27 Feb, 2019. Faculties –Prof. Bhagya SG and Prof. Sindhu AR accompanied 80 students who visited the College of animation.

Guest lecture: 23-02-2019

Guest Lecture was organized by the Department of ISE on “Present technologies” for the 2nd and 3rd year students. The guest speaker Pawan, Rahamathula and Abdul delivered a talk at ISE classroom(221) from 1:30 PM- 2:30 PM.