Guest Lecture conducted on Jewelry Design FAD Department: 13-02-2021

The guest's name is Mrs. Spoorthy .S. Babu is currently working in Dream Zone College Bangalore. She expressed her thoughts about "Jewelry Design", and discussed history, Types, Traditional v/s Modern methods used in jewelry design, The students were educated on how the fashion industry works in Jewelry designing; the speaker guided the students on making their career in jewelry design.

Karnataka Thanda Development Co-operation Limited Government of Karnataka : 05-02-2021

A project from Karnataka Thanda Development Cooperation Limited (Govt. of Karnataka) was taken by T. John College, the objective of this project is to highlight the Lambani/Banjara embroidery from Karnataka to enable the same to reach the wider audience and achieve better visibility. KTDCL is trying to upgrade the traditional unique Kasuthi skill (stitching and embroidery) of Banjara costumes to attract the young Lambani generation and fashion world to renew, promote and strengthen socio-economic conditions of the community by training and developing the same. Which will help revive this beautiful ancient craft, which is an integral part of our Banjara heritage?


The department of FAD conducted the "De La Moda terminologies" quiz through an online platform on 29th June 2020. The two-day event had a total of 302 participants from both T. John colleges and other colleges around the southern part of India. All the participants were issued with e-certificates. The program was a successful venture.

Industrial Visit at KABADI TEXTILES CO: 29-02-2020

The FAD Department students of the II, IV and VI semester and faculty have visited apparel Tech Park named KABADI TEXTILES CO,. in Doddaballapur. We were able to observe and see different units of weaving, digital printing, and rotary printing. The three units had all the required equipment such as, weaving of different fabrics with different texture. It gave us the practical knowledge of digital printing, how it works by machine and also we saw rotary printing technique how it works, they explained in detail how to make a design using the roller beam. The products that they produced were very good. They designed basically on home furnishing which was attractive. This industrial visit was highly motivating and knowledgeable for students and as well as for faculty.

A guest lecture was conducted by the FAD department: 03-02-2020

The speaker of the event was Ms. Swati who is currently working in corporate fashion industry in Pune. Through her presentation, she spoke about area management, product management, store layout and the on Sales. She also spoke about Branding and marketing aspects. “A good or a bad Retail experience may affect branding. Thus, it is an important segment of the industry. Since Retail Management is an integral part of Fashion Communication and Fashion Business management course, the session was fruitful and informative one.

Industrial visit to Weaver’s Colony: 29-01-2020

An industrial visit was organized for BSC FAD 4th semester and 6th semester students. The students were directly taken to the Units of weaving (3 units) and following were the outcomes of the visit:

A guest lecture was conducted by the FAD department for the final year FAD students : 14-01-2020

The guests of the event were Ms. Padmaja B Nagaraj (CPO & Founder of the Destuo Pvt Ltd) and Mr. Nithin C.J (design lead) it was an interactive and informative session and it is really good opportunity for inspiring designers to showcase their talent.

State Level Conference – By Dept. Of Handloom & Textiles on “Textile Waste Management and Recycling”: 17-10-2019

BSc. in Fashion Apparel and Design department, III and V semester students of T.John College had attended a “STATE CONFERENCE” organized in Ramaya University Applied Sciences Dept. of Handlooms and Textiles, Bangalore, on the 17th October 2019 on the topic of “Textile Waste Management and Recycling”.

Industrial Visit to Central Silk Board: 15-10-2019

FAD Department of T John College visited Central Silk Board on 15/10/2019as a part of Industrial Visit. Students of I & III semester with the faculties visited which mainly focused on the process of silk manufacturing. Industrial Visit was to introduce the practical aspect of silk manufacturing process and an exposure to understand different types of silk like Tussar silk, mulberry silk, Eri silk, Muga silk were seen on various craft and textile article. Over the entire visit students acquire the knowledge of silk manufacturing & research taken for the same as a part of their curriculum.

One Day Workshop on Fashion Accessories: 04-10-2019

Department of FAD, T John College, conducted one day workshop on ‘‘Terracotta Jewellery’’ on 04.10.2019. This workshop intended in teaching students on the significance of designing, added to this, students were also educated about the multiple assorted designing methods with the use of Terracotta materials, which in future can create a symposium for students to create a wide range of unique designs in the field of Fashion Technology. At the end of the session, the outcome of the Students was able to design their own fashion accessories with the terracotta material.