Department of Commerce, in association with IQAC conducted assembly for the students of UG & PG: 21-06-2022

Department of Commerce, in association with IQAC conducted assembly for the students of UG & PG. The session was attended by the students of Department of Commerce and students of Department of Management Studies. The assembly session was led by Ms. Anusha from B. COM VI Semester and the session started with a devotional prayer by Ms. Impa from B. COM VI Semester. Followed by the prayer a speech was given on “International Yoga Day” by Ms. Poojitha from B. COM IV Semester. She gave a talk on the importance of yoga and how it is relevant in our day-to-day lives. She also focused on the benefits from yoga to lead a healthier life.

Portfolio Analysis: An approach to Individual Investment Analysis: 11-06-2022

Department of Commerce in association with IQAC, conducted a guest lecture on the topic, “Portfolio Analysis: An approach to Individual Investment Analysis” for UG students of the department. Mr. Suraj Sinha, Associate Director, Anand Rathi Wealth Limited was invited as the guest speaker for the day. The guest talk was initiated with the formal introduction by Ms. Gayathri of B. COM IV Semester. The speaker discussed about the various asset class and their benefits. He discussed broadly about the investment strategies and their advantages in the asset class categorised as Real estate, Gold, Debt or Deposit and Equity. The students had an interactive session with the real time learning of trading and investment. The speaker also discussed about the cryptocurrency and the risk associated in investing money on cryptocurrency. The students were given an insight about the risk and return of each asset in the asset class.

Industrial Training at Big Banyan Vineyards: 04-05-2022

On 04.5.2022, faculties of Department of Commerce, attended an industrial training session at the Big Banyan Vineyards, Bangalore. The session started with the introduction of the Big Banyan Vineyard where the instructor gave the insights about the processing of the wine. The insights included the information related to the farming of grapes, purchasing of grapes from various districts across India, processing, fermentation, packaging and selling (Domestic & Exports to Poland). They have their own wine maker Mr. Mahesh from Nasik and a consultant from Italy, Mr. Lucio Mattaradi who contributes great time and effort in the process of manufacturing wine.


Students of M.Com I semester participated in an inter collegiate annual fest Carnation 2022 (Present is your Future) conducted by School of Social Sciences, Department of Botany, Botanical society associated with PG Department on 30th April 2022.Students participated in various events which includes 1. SHARK TANK 2. SOS NO WAY OUT!!! 3. POSTER PRESENTATION 4. IMPROV – MENT (An Improv competition).


IIC in Association with IQAC & Department of Commerce presented a “Guest Talk” on the topic “IDEA GENERATION PROCESS IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP” by Ms.Anna Benjamin, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, T John College, Bangalore on 29th April 2022, at 1.45 PM – 2.45 PM, in offline session mode, at the venue: - TJC A Block, Room No. 108.

How to Invest in Stock for Beginners : 09-04-2022

Finance club in association with Department of Commerce and IQAC conducted a seminar on How to Invest in Stock for Beginners on 09.04.2022 at 1.45 PM.

Alumni Meet - 2022: 09-04-2022

Department of Commerce, in Association with IQAC conducted an alumni meet on Google Meet on 09.04.2022 at 2PM.

EBSCO Training For Post Graduate Students : 09-04-2022

Students of M.Com first semester attended a training session organized by Department ofManagement Studies for all the Post Graduate students of T John College onhow to use EBSCO database. The session was conducted by Mr Srinivasan, Senior Training Officer, EBSCO who provided insights on the various features available in the EBSCO database in both Laptop and mobile platform. .

Industrial visit to HMT : 08-04-2022

The students M. Com I semester and III semester were taken for an industrial visit to HMT- Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd on 8th April 2022, Friday. HMT- Hindustan Machine Tools Ltd is a state-owned holding company under the ministry of heavy industries and public enterprises in India. It was started in the year 1953. Students visited the Foundry, the sand blasting room and High Technology Centre. Students visited HMT Museum which helped them to learn the company's history and different models of watches that are manufactured by HMT since 1962. Overall, it was a very informative and a fun filled visit to HMT where student learnt the process, machine maintenance and cost cutting techniques, Kaizen, TQM.

Conducted a familiarization session on UUCMS portal: 05-04-2022

Department of Commerce & Department of Computer Applications in Association with IQAC conducted a familiarisation session on UUCMS portal. The session was scheduled at 3:30 PM on 5.4.2022. The session focused on the procedure for entering attendance, creating internal assessment plan and entering the internal assessment marks in the portal. The session was taken by Ms. Suman Mishra, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce & Ms. Pooja V, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Applications.