Attended Workshop on “DNA REPAIR AND DISEASES” in Christ University: 11-03-2016

Undergraduate Students of Department of Bio-science had attended Science Academies Lecture Workshop on “DNA REPAIR AND DISEASES” in Christ University on 11th and 12th of March 2016.Mr. Amit Anand, Head of the Department accompanied them. This workshop was organized in association with Indian Academy of sciences Bangalore, Indian National Science Academy New Delhi and The National Academy of Sciences Allahabad. Various eminent scientists from various institutions gave the lecture on the before mentioned topic.

A guest lecture as a part of Alumni Engagement: 04-03-2016

The Department of Biosciences organized a guest lecture as a part of Alumni Engagement on 4th Mar, 2016. The speaker was Ms. Akhila Ashok of M.Sc (Biotechnology) 2013-2015 Batch. Akhila Ashok is going to be rewarded with a Gold Medal for her excellent performance in Bangalore University. She spoke to the students regarding the strategies to improve the performance in University Examination. She suggested that selection of question and answering with very neat presentation is the success of Extra mile performance.

Ms. Huda Wakeel has presented a poster at Lalit Ashok Hotel, Bangalore.: 03-03-2016

Student of M.Sc Biotechnology IV Semester Ms. Huda Wakeel has presented a poster in 8th Bangalore India Nano 2016 which was held on March 3RD and 4TH 2016 at Lalit Ashok Hotel, Bangalore. The Conference was organized by Vision group Nanotechnology, Government of Karnataka. The chairman of this group is Bharat Ratna Prof. CNR Rao, FRS.

Industrial Visit to Kidwai Memorial Cancer Institute , Bio Sc Dept. TJC: 24-02-2016

Students of department of Biosciences along with Dr. Nilanjana Basu visited the Kidwai Memorial Cancer Institute on 24th February 2016. They looked at the various facilities at the cancer center and did a detailed visit of the Pathology and cytology unit of the Cancer Centre. Students for the first time actually saw some preserved samples of tumors obtained from patient samples.

2-Day Conference on Science, Technology & Productization - a means for growth: 05-02-2016

Students of final year M.Sc Biotechnology and Biochemistry attended 2 days conference on “Science, Technology & Productization- a means for growth” in Oxford College on 5th & 6th February 2015. The conference was sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka. In the conference students had an opportunity to listen to eminent speakers on various topics in biological Sciences which included Advances in Cancer diagnosis, Genomics in Drug Discovery and Advances in Bioinformatics.

Guest Lecture on Recent Biochemical Techniques , TJC: 30-01-2015

The Department of Biosciences organized a guest lecture as a part of Alumni Engagement on 31/01/2015. The speaker was Mr. Anand Shankar of MSc (Biochemistry) 2012-2014 Batch .Presently he is working in Bioprocessing and Purification lab, Biocon. He spoke to the students regarding the recent Biochemical Techniques and also updated the students regarding various opportunities in the field of Biosciences.

Industrial Visit to Heritage Wineyard: 24-01-2015

Students of Biosciences along with HOD Dr. Sindhu and Faculty Amit Anand visited Heritage Wineyard on 24th January 2015. Session started with a nice video presentation about Wine, its importance, types and production strategies. Later on Students visited to the production and processing unit. All the students got a chance to taste five different types of Wine. It was a new experience for all the students.

Industrial Visit to Vittal Malya Research Foundation by Bio Sc dept. TJC: 22-11-2014

Department of Biosciences organized an Industrial Visit to Vittal Malya Research Foundation on 22th Nov, 2014. It was a great experience for Post graduate students to see the demonstration on animal cell sub culturing, organic farming. Students visited plant tissue culture laboratory and Animal house being used for drug development and research. Students also got a chance to see Super computer and its role in Bioinformatics. Full session was found to be interactive and informative.

Industrial visit to IRTC, Palakkad: 02-09-2014

Students of Bioscience had gone for an industrial visit to IRTC, Palakkad, and Kerala from 2nd to 3rd Sept,2014. IRTC (Integrated Rural Technology Center) is research, development and training center set by Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad (KSSP) in 1987. Students practiced production protocol of Oyster Mushroom followed by demonstration of Vermicomposting and Waste Management.

A Guest lecture on Biological Beginnings: 26-08-2014

A guest lecture was organized by Mrs Nagarathna Dewakar (Asst. Prof. Dept. of Language) on ‘Biological Beginnings’ on 26th Aug 2014. The resource person for the guest lecture was Ms. Menaka (Asst. Prof. Dept. of Bio-Sciences).The lecture was very informative for the students. The lecture was followed by student-teacher interaction. Many questions were asked by the students regarding the subject and their queries were resolved.