Guest Lecture on “PHP and MYSQL”: 22-05-2021

The Department of Computer Applications organized a guest lecture for all BCA and MCA students through MS Team. Dr. FelcyJuidth, HoD, Department of Computer Applications, T. John college formally welcomed the Speaker, faculties, and students. The session started at 2:00pm by the Guest speaker Mr. Thomas Jebadurai, Senior software engineer, iBridge, Bangalore on the topic “PHP and MYSQL”. Mr Thomas has given overview of PHP basics and demonstrated how to create sample webpage and connect with database. He inspired the students and teachers by making them understand about the importance of the topic.

Budding Entrepreneurship- MSME Initiative: 20-05-2021

Dept. of Fashion and Apparel Design in association with IIC& IQAC had organized a webinar on "Budding Entrepreneurship- MSME Initiative "for the Students & GeneralPublic on 20th May 2021. The topic of the program was a "Budding Entrepreneurship- MSME Initiative”by Mr. Gopinath Rao IEDS, Dy. Director- MSME.The session was attended more than 105 participants. The session started with introduction of the Speaker followed by a presentation.

Stopping Third Wave Of COVID-19 Spread- Awareness Program: 19-05-2021

Dept. of Fashion and Apparel Design in association with IQAC had organized webinar on “Stopping Third Wave of COVID-19 Spread- Awareness Program” for the Students & General Public on 19th May 2021. The objective of the program was to make explain basic facts about Covid-19 virus. Define key steps in worker protection and infection prevention and control. Identify methods to prevent and respond to COVID-19 exposure.

Stress Buster Program: 18-05-2021

Dept. of Fashion and Apparel Design in association with IQAC had organized webinar on “Stress Buster Program for the Students & General Public on 18th May 2021. The objective of the program was to train the students in overcoming the mental stress that they are facing due to lockdown and online mode of classes. The session was attended by all the students of Fashion and Apparel Design Department. The Speaker also portrayed stress of present situations and suggested precautionary measures for keeping the mental status healthy for leading pleasant life.

Awareness Program on “Balancing Mental Health”: 18-05-2021

The Department of the Fashion and Apparel Design in association with IQAC had organized an Awareness Program on “Balancing Mental Health” on 18th May-2021 The objective of the awareness program was to create awareness among the young generation to have a check on their mental health.

Bridging Curricula to Career Paths: 11-05-2021

The Department of Fashion and Apparel Design in association with IQAC had organized a meeting with Coursera- e-learning platform on 11th May 2021. The discussion was on “Bridging Curricula to Career Path”. The objective of the program was to understand the links that connect students to the industries by various path ways from Coursera team perspective.

Dum Ka Dum –A Celebration for World Poultry Day: 10-05-2021

As an initiative towards celebration of “World Poultry Day”, Department of Hotel Management and IQAC in association with USA Poultry and Egg Export council India, organized a gourmet webinar on 10th May 2021. The Objective of the webinar was to educate and inspire young culinarians and endorse them with the skill of preparing classic Indian dishes with US poultry. Chef Ajay Chopra was the Guest speaker for the session.

Report on J Gate Training Session : 07-05-2021

T. John Center for Advanced Social Science Research has organized online faculty training program on J Gate online journal access and utilization on 07.05.2021, (Friday) between 3.45p.m. and5.00 p.m. Mr. Rahul S, Assistant Manager, Training and Business Development, Informatics Publishing Limited was the Resource person. Mr. Rahul explained how to create individual login to access J Gate online resource through which faculty can seamlessly access the online resources at their convenience. And he explained the following features of J Gate.


Department of Hotel Management & IQAC in association with AECC Global and Le Cordon Bleu organized a webinar on career guidance for the students of Department of Hotel Management, on 7th May 2021. Le Cordon Bleu is a world-renowned network of educational institutions dedicated to providing the highest level of culinary and hospitality instruction through world class programs and AECC is an award-winning team helping international students study abroad.


Dept. of Fashion and Apparel Design is association with IQAC has organized a career guidance program for the Undergraduate students and the Alumni of T John College, on 6th May 2021. The topic of the program was a “CAREER PATHWAY AND STUDY ABROAD OPPORTUNITIES”. The objective of the program was to make the students understand the significance of studying abroad and also to provide global exposure. The webinar was conducted by AECC Global, who is a consultant for International education in 12 countries and 33 cities.