Illuminati 2012

"Illuminati 2012", to be held on February 17, 2012, will be grand event which will attract students from all over Bangalore to compete on a large scale and showcase their talent. The festival will be a forum for similar minds to interact, share and discuss the latest happenings in the world of business. For more info, please mail us       Downlaod Poster here »


IDEA comes up with “An idea can change your life” as their new tag line. So, get your grey cells ticking and critically analyze the positives and negatives of any T.V commercial you were impressed with the most. Come up with an ambush marketing advertisement ides/deign for its competitor (can be print media/ digital media).

(Participating team has to bring the soft copy of advertisement they prepare & 2 team of 2 participants

Event co-ordinator: Juhi Verma, For more info: +91 8050734783


This event will consist of online trading on BSE data with a time lag of a few minutes. Top 10 traders with the maximum returns, subject to adherence to contest rules will move forward to the consecutive rounds. (2 team of 2 participants)

Event co-ordinator: Manu Sabu, For more info: +91 8553278513


The search is on for that “one” person who has it in him/her to combat cut throat competition. The “one” who believes that he/she can overcome hurdles & reach the pinnacle of performance and emerges as the ultimate manager. (Individual event, 1 participant per college)

Event co-ordinator: Punit Kujur, For more info: +91 9035544039


If you have a unique idea that carves you out as a successful entrepreneur, then we welcome you to most sought after event of ILLUMINATI 2012. It provides your idea, a platform & eventually a spark just sufficient to ignite you.

THEME: "Ideas for India" − 2 team of 2 participants each & Participating team has to bring the soft copy of their plan

Event co-ordinator: Arvind Vinayan, For more info: +91 9538351766


The participants are given a work place situation. Teams are required to frame new policies or bring about a change in the existing new HR policies to provide a solution to the problem. (2 team of 2 participants each)

Event co-ordinator: Revathi Nambiar, For more info: +91 8553278514


1 team of 2 participants each

Event co-ordinator: Aditya, For more info: +91 9341749974

GAMING EVENT (Hosted by GaminEazy Entertainment Private Limited)
  • ◊11:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Gaming zone with PS3 offering distinct gaming modes:
  • ◊Motion-gaming - 1 unit
  • ◊Racing - 1 unit, using a high-end Ferrari driving wheel
  • ◊Hard-core gaming (action/ adventure) - 1 unit
  • ◊12:00 PM - 2:00 PM: Gaming competition in the old canteen
  • ◊Gladiator Duel competition (prelims) - using PS3 Move Motion-gaming accessories
  • ◊Racing competition - NFS Hot pursuit
  • ◊2:00 PM - 3:00 PM: Gaming competition
  • ◊Gladiator Duel competition (Q/F, S/F and finals) - using PS3 Move Motion-gaming accessories

Time: 11AM (No limits, any no. of participants from any college on first cum fist serve basics)

Venue: T John College A Block & College Campus (Old Canteen)

Event co-ordinator: Balachandaer, For more info: +91 8050301432

You can reach Gamizeasy at

Phone: +91-9845809235/ Fax: +91-80-66885899

Event Sponspers: