T. John Institute Of Management And Science

The year was 2004 when T. John Institute Of Management And Science began. The college founded by Dr. Thomas P. John, offered a 2 year MBA Degree course to students.

T. Tohn institute of management and science attracts students from all over India .The college is governed by a governing Board, the Chairman being Dr. Thomas P.J. The other members of this governing Board are high-profile industrialists, financiers, entrepreneurs and renowned academicians. Administrative powers are further de-centralized and wielded judiciously by Chief Co-oridinator, Co-ordinators, Head of Department, Class faculties and Subject faculties. The family also function as Mentors guiding and counseling the students.

Our Objective:

  • • Provide global perspective in each stream of learning.
  • • Growth with quality, innovation and continuous search of knowledge.
  • • Educate, train and mould the students into efficient professionals with flexibility to meet the      requirements of the Industry.
  • • Keep pace with changing times by providing quality education trough value addition courses,    
    beyond the curricular prescribed by the University.
  • • Character building among the students graduating from the colleges so as to enable them to    
    become responsible citizens and professionals.
  • • Provide continuing executive education to managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs. Have   continuous association, involvement and partnership with the industrial organizations.