BA(JEP)-Journalism, Optional English and Psychology

Course Overview

The department of JEP under the auspices of Bangalore University offers undergraduate course in inter-disciplinary subjects, i.e.; Journalism, Optional English and Psychology. Each of these courses is infused with traditional class room methods of teaching interspersed with modern teaching requirements, such as workshops, seminars, certificate courses, guest lectures, production of newsletters/ newspapers and internship opportunities to bring about an all round development of students; thus equipping the students with vocational skills related to the requirements of the industry.


To meet the ever growing demand for qualified and creative talent in the field of Journalism, English and Psychology. At the end of three years, students have the option of choosing a career in either of the three subjects or possibly enroll for a Master’s programme.  Our objective is to equip students with professional skill sets as well as ethical and social skill sets as part of a curriculum to become true and sought after professional after they graduate from our college.

Key Highlights of Teaching Methodology

Classroom learning following the guidelines of BU

Conceptual learning

Case Studies, Analysis & Presentations

Seminars & Workshops

Industrial Visits

Guest lectures

Exposure to hands-on experience

Exposure to Literary Fests

Exposure to Literary Club

Exposure to Research Club

Exposure to Reporting / Editing and Publishing

Exposure to editing of in-house college magazine

Exposure to Theatre and Drama

Emphasis on value added programmes on Communication

Joy of interacting intra and interdepartmentally through various curricular and co-curricular activities, which includes organizing, fund-raising and anchoring for events 

Our students have also interned with leading Print and Broadcast media houses

Our students have also published and presented research papers in various seminars


Ms. Uma Gopal

Assistant Professor

Msc.,M.Phil., MA(MCJ)

Star Performer at NIIT in the First year of service.


Ms. Gayathri R

Assistant Professor

Msc-Mass Communication, Journalism

Media Club courses are conducted by Pixel Film Academy which offers Certificate course empowering students with hands-on experience equipping the them to turn into budding and potential Journalists

Courses offered are:

  • Print Journalism
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • Photo Journalism
  • Web Journalism


Faculty Name


Title of the Paper




1. National Conference ‘Kadambari’ organized by Dept. Of Languages, T.JOHN COLLEGE 2.National Conference- Jyothi Nivas College

3. International Conference on Play organized by IIPA, Headstreams and Christ University

4. Workshop on Cognitive behavior therapy

5. Workshop on counselling skills for college teachers

6. symposim on " Digital Mental health"


A study on Psychological Morbidity and its effects on quality of life among IT and BT professionals.



Arvind Kumar Gupta


1. National conference Kadambari   2. Workshop  on counselling skills for teachers

3. workshop in AIIMS for IV sem syllabus

4. National Conference in SRN Adarsh College

5.Inter National conference in LVD college Raichur

6. National Seminar in Mount carmel College

 7.State level  seminar in St.clarer College 8.Certificate of merit in YOGA 9. Asst yog  teacher trg certificate (100 hrs trg pgme) 10. International seminar in SRM university Chennai

 11 . National seminar in Bhasha Sahodari in New Delhi


1. Vishwa Hindi Divas

2. " Adhunik yug me premchand sahitya ki prasamgikata" 3. "Hindi sahitya me mahila Upayaskaron ka Yogadan" 4. "Rashtriya vanatarastriya paridrasya me ek ayalokan"                     dd


Publications: 26

Publications in International /National Peer Reviewed Journals: 15

Publications Listed in International Database 6

Publications in Books/ Journals with

ISBN/ISSN numbers: 21

Publications with Impact Factor: 5

  1. Moin ( 1 Video Presentation dn 1 Short film)
  2. Wasim Rather ( 1 Short Film)
  3. Mr . Shahid Salman Khan ( 1 Video Presentation and 3 Documentary Films)
  4. Umar Lhurshid Lone (1 Short Film)
  5. Pohan Pillai (1 Video Presentation, 1 Short film and 1 Documentary Film)
  6. Joel Jacob Samuel (1 Documentary Film and 1 Short film)
  7. Deepika Rachel R (1 Video Presentation)
  8. Akimanan Ines Lilians (1 Video Presentation )
  9. Shashi Shekhar Malhotra, Ms. Raksha. B., Ms, SUpriya Roy & Ms. Sowmya. N (1 Documentary Film)