Business Administration

Industry Overview:

With the opening up of Indian economy, there has been a paradigm shift in the way Indian corporate's do business. From the slothful, family-managed monopolies of licence-permit raj to the lean, mean gladiators of the global marketplace, the Indian corporate's have come a long way indeed.

3 year full-time BBA programme (affiliated to Bangalore University and approved by AICTE - New Delhi) offered by T. John College is designed to give you a head start in the field of Business Administration - anywhere in the world.

Our Strengths:

Spread over a green serene atmosphere of 25 acres of land located at the outskirts of the city

AICTE approved course

Accredited by NAAC

Well equipped Computer lab with internet facility

Well equipped Spacious Class Rooms

Excellent library

Modern learning equipments


Environment Ecological Club

The innovation club

The quiz club

Approach of Teaching:

Class room

Conceptual learning

Case Study, Analysis & Presentations

Seminars & Workshops

Experimental Techniques

Industrial Visits/Block Placements

Guest lectures

Visit to foreign universities

Giving you the Business Edge:

This course combines practice and theory. It will help you recognize and adapt to the changing trends in business and society. It will enhance your leadership skills even as it helps you implement the latest developments in computer technology, essential, you will agree, since computers are changing the way people do business, the world over.

A corporate lifestyle:

With the stress on professional management, students of MBA & BBM will find many rewarding career opportunities. MNC's, Blue Chip Companies, the best business houses, corporations where your skills will be recognized and appreciated. Where your knowledge will be put to good use and enhanced even further. Where a new exciting life awaits you.

Ms. Lakshmi S. R.
HOD & Asst. Professor

Master of Financial Management, (Ph.D) Finance

Ms. Priya Thenissery
Asst. Professor


Mr.R. Arun Kumar
Asst. Prof.

Anna University Rank Holder

Ms. Lalitha P
Asst. Prof.
B.Sc , MBA , (Ph.D)

HR & Marketing

Ms. Kiran Vazirani
Asst. Prof.



Ms. Maithreye S Holeyachi
Asst. Prof.



Ms. Sandhya Parnandy
Asst. Prof.

Ms. Sunita Ramaswamy
Asst. Prof.


Ms. Neethu Appukuttan
Asst. Prof.

B.Tech  , MBA

1) Bachelor of Business Administration     

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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate Program offered by Bangalore University. T. John College offers International professional diploma in Logistics & Transport along with BBA program.

Eligibility:Pass in 10+2/XII std/PUC in any combination.

OBJECTIVE:The program provides an in-depth study of business and its operations through entrepreneurship, management, finance, accounting, marketing, business law and economics. It serves as a foundation for MBA. Employability prospects of students are enhanced through value added courses like communicative English and other courses with certification.

Instead of the conventional method of memory based learning, we concentrate on application oriented teaching methodology. An updated and contemporary syllabus encourages the students to explore new dimensions of knowledge.

About 60% of the students studying for the Bachelor of Business Administration program are from out of Karnataka which includes students from all over India as well as NRI & foreign students. A diversity thus existing in the student body helps to enrich the sharing and learning experiences. It creates an awareness of different cultural norms and generates sensitivity in students to the needs and concerns of others. This focuses on intercultural cooperation. Learning happens not just in the classroom but outside of it too. Extracurricular activities are encouraged with students forming clubs that deal with programs like literature, music, culture, cooking, dance, photography etc. Various cultural programs are held, that offer a unique way of seeing Indian culture as well as foreign culture at its best. The BBA department gives lot of importance to sports as well. Students are encouraged to take part in all kinds of indoor and outdoor games. T. John College organizes an annual sports meet to enhance the competitive spirit in students. The department also gives importance to building discipline, team spirit, teamwork, co-operation and tolerance among students. Students are encouraged to prepare in-house projects and are given the opportunities to present their projects in front of faculty and other students. For the overall development of students, the department provides opportunities to participate in a wide range of social activities.

The objective of the program is to provide the necessary business inputs to the students to help them face the challenges of the professional world. In addition to providing academic inputs the department encourages students to take up courses to improve their skills.

Department emphasizes on soft skill and personality development and conducts workshops focused on developing grooming, communication & presentation, reasoning & aptitude skills. It also provides a platform for students to exhibit their hidden talents by encouraging co-curricular activities and participation in inter-collegiate competitions.

Personality Development Courses

• Self SWOT

• Management / Presentation Skills

• Pre placement training

• Communicative English classes

• Session on Grooming

• Resume Building

Certification Courses Offered

• International professional Diploma in Logistics & Transport

- Management in Logistics & Transport

- Supply Chain Management

- Movement of Goods

- Project Management

This is a special Diploma course offered by the college for BBA students as a value addition programme. The training will be delivered through Prolific HR consultants (I) Ltd., an accredited training provider of CILTI UK and the diploma certificate will be from the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport International , UK (CILTI UK). The Course provides a golden passport for making a career in the Logistics and transportation industry.

The student’s community of T. John College has always been in the forefront of cultural, literary and art & craft activities. The following student clubs guided by staff advisors have been responsible for their eminence in such activities.

1. Literary Club

2. Drama Club

3. Cookery club

4. IT Club

5. Managers Club

6. Art & craft club

7. Photography club

8. Gardening club

9. Cultural club

10. Sports club

Name of the faculty Title of the paper published Name of the Journal ISSN/ ISBN NO.

Ms. Lalitha P and Mr. Arun Kumar R

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Ms. Sandhya Parnandy

Women leadership roles –Breaking the glass ceiling

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Ms. Sunita Ramaswamy

Cutting edge, the need of the hour for the self starter – a clinical study on Uber Cabs

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Ms. Lakshmi S r

Impact of investment in global trade and economic growth

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Ms. Sunita Ramaswamy and Ms. Sandhya Parnandy

Metamorphosis from cash to cashless- delving into the trinity of financial inclusion, empowerment of rural society and behavioural connotations

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Ms. Sunita Ramaswamy

Intrinsic motivation of the employee- the cornerstone of a genuine and committed CSR

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