Industrial Visit


MCA IV semester students of Department of Computer Applications, T John College, were taken for a workshop on “The One Billion Lives” followed by special session for students on “To be prepared” for interview, conducted by SAP Labs on Friday,25 /05/2018. SAP Labs are SAP’s core R&D entities, developing and constantly improving key SAP solutions.

The SAP “One Billion Lives” Initiative was founded on the belief that SAP is uniquely positioned to help and solve the biggest social problems through the best they have to offer, their people, their technology and resources.

Six shortlisted 1BLives teams from Australia Pacific Japan (APJ) presented in SAP Labs India, to pitch their ideas to a regional jury. They shared the inspiration behind their purpose-driven ventures and how they plan to achieve sustainable, commercially-viable social impact.

It was insightful & industry-relevant workshop for students. It was great learning experience for students. They have learned about how to prepare themselves to face interview.

Thanks to Ms Pavitra Jatin, Project Manager-SAP.CSR to provide this opportunity to attend this workshop. Students were accompanied by faculty, Ms. Indu Rathore.