Investor Awareness Programme – SEBI


On 18th May 2018,Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI) initiated an Program “Awareness to Investors” at Hakki Pakki Tribal colony close to the Bannerghatta National park

The session was hosted by the Prof. Veena Anand, Prof.R V Lokesh and Prof. Swetha Shivakumar, faculty members of the Department of Management Studies, TJC, under the guidance of Dr.Nilanjana Basu (Exec.Director) .

The participants were well off farmers , Govt School teachers & Panchayat board members .

The key areas discussed in the session were, difference between Investing & Savings ,Impact of Inflation, Power of Compounding, Informed Financial Decision, Tax Saving ,Myths of investing in Mutual Funds, How to strengthen one’s Financial Pyramid.

It was a good interactive learning session, the participants were able to clarify various doubts about different types of mutual funds, financial markets, how to plan and achieve their financial goals.