A Visit to the Coffee Board at Vasanth Nagar and BerryCo.


The Faculties from the Department of Languages, T John College , began with a tour of the coffee board led by Ms. Soumya  (Director/Founder, Berryco.), with the first stop being the Analysis lab at the ground floor. We were enlightened regarding the art of Indian coffee origin and history with the help of power point presentations, substituted by talk by Dr. K. Basavaraj (Divisional Head, Coffee Quality) on the various nuances employed in the coffee sector. The faculties were trained  under the skill development board on the entrepreneurship requirements. As a part of the training, a trip to the Barista Lab skill development centre created awareness in the minds of all present regarding the National and World Barista Championships, wherein the winner of the former will have the opportunity to represent their talent at an international level, supported by the Coffee Board; which will in turn create entrepreneurial opportunities and independent careers.  It continued with the visit to the tasting lab housed testing and tasting equipments, and charts. Green coffee beans were fed onto the drum machines inclusive of horizontal drum rotating drums which roasted the beans as we witnessed altered colours of the beans at each stage. Coffee packs from various places such as Wayanad, Nilgiris and more; catering to the multiple preferences of the coffee consumers such as light, medium and hard roasts were available. A cupping and tasting session followed which emphasized upon the art of the tasters and the distinct way of slurping coffee, which makes the taster aware of the phase at which the coffee processing subverted from the standard. Various entrepreneurial ideas were gathered as job opportunities heightened by the courses offered at the Coffee Board were analysed. A language department within the Board suggested the utility that language editors served.
The latter half of the day was spent at Berryco., a coffee consulting firm, co-founded by Ms.Akansha Gupta and Ms. Soumya. It was primarily a continued entrepreneurship training  session on the scopes of the coffee industry in the customer service department which helped the faculties in understanding the requirement of the industry for future collaboration. The coffee magazine ‘India Coffee’ was shown around which is an exclusive work based on coffee, its making, history, recipes, coffee related events world over. A discussion regarding coffee industry as a career resulted in a positive collaboration wherein the people from the industry would be willing collaborate with the academia  to create awareness regarding the growing potential of the field as a career, also inviting students to visit their company in order to have a first-hand training session.