Mrs. Jayasree Kokkonda, Assistant Professor in Department of Information Science and Engineering, TJIT had attended the one day FDP on “Cyber Forensics and Network Security”, organized by T JOHN COLLEGE, Bangalore for faculties of various colleges. FDP witnessed three eminent speakers from Bangalore.

On 17th march 2018 the first session was conducted by Dr. Muralidhara B.L ,Professor, Bangalore University. The topic was on “Techno Legal Issues in Cyber Forensics” which provided awareness of the processes, techniques and the legalities involved in the field of Cyber Forensics and also be aware of the practical aspects of it .

The second session was conducted by Mr. Alwyn Sebastian, Advocate from Bangalore. The topic was on “Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes”, which discussed about various types of cyber crimes and how cyber crimes are handled in the court of law.

The third session was conducted by Mr. Ajay Kumar, Vijaya Bank from Bangalore. The topic was on “Cyber Security in Banking”, which helped the participants in understanding how cyber crimes are dealt in banking sector.

All the session were interactive and useful.