The CLUB ACTIVITIES for 9th February 2018 began with students actively involving in various activities. The Cultural Club students were practicing in singing and dancing. The NSS club had a discussion on the annual special camp, for which the proposal is being prepared. The Manager’s Club had a discussion on blaze and its events. The Modeling Club prepared and practiced Ramp walk. The Chess Club students were playing chess. The Finance Club identified the stock exchange and was comparing the exchange of the stock rate. The Literary Club had a practice of a mock debate. The Cricket Club students were practicing a match. The Table Tennis Club divided the students for a friendly match. The Basketball Club geared up for dribbling and a practice match. The Nature Club students were planting vegetables and making a kitchen garden. The Cookery Club students were taught to preparing fried rice and gobi chilli. The Photography Club students were covering the photos of all the clubs. The Yoga Club students were practicing different asanas. The Computer Club students created a web programming using HTML.