TIMS organized an Accelerating Learning Programme in the topic ‘Citizen Commitment to the Nation’


TIMS NSS Unit organized a Accelerating learning programme in the topic ‘Citizen Commitment to the Nation’ on 3/2/18. Prof . Venkatesh ,NSS advisor, Bangalore University was the rhetorician for the programme.


     The Programme started with the prayer song, followed by the welcome address by Prof.Swarnalathe(HOD,TIMS) and felicitation address by Prof.Prem Knowles(Programme Officer ,TIMS NSS).


“You must be the change that you wish to see in this world.”

                                                                             -Mahatma Gandhiji


The topics covered by the guest speaker,Prof. Venkatesh were;

  • Citizen reponsibilities
  • Citizen reponsibilities according to Constitution
  • Role of an individual
  • Problem solving skills
  • Self Counselling techniques


The programme helped the students to realize their reponsibility towards the nation.It was anidiosyncratic experience to the TIMS NSS volunteers and it motivated them to commit for the social activities.


    The programme ended with the vote of thanks by Prof. Remya(Asst.Professor,TIMS)




Prem Knowles      Prof. Shijimol E A                                                            

       Programme Officer,TIMS NSS   Principal TIMS