The CLUB ACTIVITY for 2nd of February began with excitement! The students were seen actively participating in the events! The Mind Engineering Club students were briefed on the Laws of Universe. The Cultural Club grouped students for dancing and singing and they practiced. An announcement was made regarding the upcoming Inter College Fest. The Nature Club students were preparing for the upcoming nature Rally. The Literary Club students were divided into group and were given topics on Mental Awareness which was debated upon. The students of Table Tennis Club practiced matches. The SSR Club students were introduced to the programmes of the club and a visit was planned for an old age home next week. The Cricket Club students had a test match with an objective to identify the key players for cross training. The Chess Club students played a friendly match with each other and the new joined was oriented on the nuances of chess by experts. The students of Photography Club were taught to take photos on bokeh effect and were sent to other clubs to take photographs. The Computer Club students were taught html tags to create a web page. The Finance Club students learnt about stock market and did an activity on index calculations NIFTY and SENSEX. The Yoga Club students were taught Asana to improve concentration and memory. The Culinary Club students were taught basic culinary etiquettes which included the different folds of Napkins, usage of Crockery and Cutlery. The Manager's Club grouped the students into teams and was given a topic to discuss in order to improve their managerial and leadership abilities. The students of NSS were volunteering at OXFAM Trail Walk 2018.