The club activity on the 19th of JANUARY 2018 began in as students of various club geared up to participate in the activities. The students of cultural club started preparing for the exhibition and practised songs and dance. The photography club students were briefed about using manual mode in the mobile phones, focusing and aperture. The SSR club collected data to create an app for blood donation data was collected from all the students and made a soft copy of it. The NSS club collected the names of the donors for the upcoming Blood donation camp. Nature club students Planted seeds and  cleaned the area for cultivation. They were taught about vegetable garden. The finance club discussed categorisation of Indian financial markets and students did an activity on how an IPO is planned with reference to current leading companies in the textile sector. The manager's club had a presentation of Product Launching, where the students presented their ideas. The literary club students were given topics to be discussed and presented which were debated upon. The basket ball club members learnt the nuances of dribbling and ball control. The yoga club students were introduced to basic postures.  Modelling club students started practising on themes decided prior. Chess club members had a match between it's members. Computer club students played  IT quiz and were given time to search on famous IT personalities and quiz was played releasing clues on demand. The students of mind engineering club were introduced to a session "existence of Mind, anatomy of human brain."