Industrial Training on Big Data and Data Science


All the faculties from the department of computer science and engineering and ISE had participated in the one day Industrial Training on “Big Data and Data Science”, organized by TeckLogik, Bengaluru on 19th January 2018.

 On 19th January 2018 the session started by Mr. Rahul Sharma corporate trainer with introduction to Data, Big data and science, why a hype about data science? He discussed about where data science started, how it is used and its future. He briefed its application areas such as Statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. While discussing about classification, regression he has taken parallel session on hands with R Studio for different type of data and its usage. He discussed Steps in data analysis, what are different Data preprocessing steps are included such as: Data gathering, Data authentication, Filtering, Missing data imputation, Mutation, Merging and gave brief idea on overview of different tools for data analysis:R,python,Julia, Java, Hadoop, Spark, Storm.

 Later post lunch Hands on training on R-Studio with sample data set. He imparted knowledge on different functions available in R and how those functions are used in data reading and data processing.