Club Registration Day


5th of Jan, 2018, marked as the Club Registration Day for all first and second year students of T. John College, for the even semester of academic year 2017 - 18.

Students were given a choice to enroll themselves for any of the clubs, as per their area of interest. The various clubs were Cookery and Beverages Club, Managers Club, Yoga Club, Computer Club, Nature Club, NSS, Literary Club, Cultural Club, Photography Club, and Sports Club, Modeling Club, and Mind Engineering Club.

This academic year had two additional entries of clubs; The Finance Club; and The Student’s Social Responsibility Club.

The first session of Club for the academic year 2017-18 commenced on the same day. The day saw vibrant students actively participating in the events of their respective clubs.

 The Modeling Club started their club hours by giving the introduction about the club plan with their pre assessment. The Nature Club formed groups on the first day and the expectations of the students were discussed. The Culture Club started with an introduction following by discussion regarding different forms of dance. In Yoga Club students were given an introduction to yoga, its importance, Cyclic meditation and its importance. A pre-assessment test was done. The Sports Club has sub divisions like Badminton Club, Chess Club, Volleyball Club, Football Club, Cricket Club, Table Tennis Club and Basket ball Club. Sports club coordinators have briefed the enrolled students regarding protocols of their respective games with some trial sessions. Aditya S of BBA dept was elected as the student coordinator of Basket ball Club. The session had lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The students in the Computer Club were made to browse on impact of artificial intelligence in their respective fields and later were made to do a PPT on it. It was evaluated and will be considered as pre-assessment.

The club activity started off a pre-assessment at the Literary Club. The assessment tested the students’ communication skills and imagination so as to provide them a holistic development as an individual. With that students were introduced to the concepts of debating.

The Mind Engineering Club students felt rejuvenated after understanding the different ways of tuning their mind and they learn the difference between Brain and Mind. Dr. Thomas John, our chairman also enlightened them with the concept of subconscious, super conscious and unconscious mind. Apart from that Anatomy of body and brain was discussed. It was a fruitful and very knowledgeable session. 

The Manager’s Club had an introductory speech regarding the club and a pre-assessment was done for the students who have enrolled themselves with the club, with an activity related to communication skills

The NSS Club started off the club activity with an introduction and discussion about the plan for the semester. They also discussed about The Oxfam Trial Walk Camp and its registrations.

Photography Club has a total of 22 students and 16 of them were the members of same club last semester. Students who are interested to join the club were sent to take pictures of the club registration and they came back with amazing pictures. The selected students were then briefed to take pictures of "whats happening" around the campus. At last they submitted their cameras to sir to select the best picture of the day and the rest were deleted.

TJC campus sees the beginning of a new term cycle of club activities this semester, be it sports, environment, literary, cultural, etc