Alumni guest lecture by Ms. Debolina Mukherji


The Management Studies Department of T.John College arranged for an alumni talk for our MBA students on 20th November 2017.

 They were addressed by 2013 batch alumnus of MBA department, Ms. Debolina Mukherji who is the co-founder and co-director of Trestle Wright Company.

 Ms. Mukherji has followed her dreams of being an entrepreneur by starting her own HR consulting firm which provides various HR services to other businesses and educational institutes. They offer recruitment, training, head hunting and other HR services. Also offer training and placement services to Educational institutes. While interacting with students, she shared her success story of starting a new venture, challenges faced, shed light on how important decisions can be taken, business plan preparation, how strategies made for business, success mantra for business success.

 She shared some tips how to find opportunities to find out new ideas, importance of SWOT analysis from both business and individual point of view. She also emphasised on points such as how to be more competitive in today's business world. Her talk inspired and helped many MBA students who also have the dreams of starting their own businesses.