Compassion Day- Social service club Activity


Compassion Day is an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate compassion in our lives. Compassion is what brings us together in unity and harmony, overcoming all forms of discrimination. It brings us joy, connection and meaning. 

The Social service club of MBA department of T. John College had celebrated compassionate day on 27th October 2017, with their House keeping staff. 

Today, we live in a society where compassion is a rare virtue. Relationships are increasingly transactional and atrocities growing. In this atmosphere, through this day students wanted to raise their concern and begin the change – the feeling of oneness with all. Charity begins at home;- before peeping out to the external world to spread the warmth of compassion, the students decided to make the day eventful for the house keeping staff at the college. Games were organized by them for some moment of fun and, Gifts and prizes were handed over to express their gratitude for the work that this team does throughout the year to keep the campus prim and proper. Some refreshments were organized for them to enjoy.