T. Johnites from the department of BA(JEP) spent the Saturday of October 27th, 2017 at the Elaan Convention Centre in view of the world and works of Toastmasters International.
Titled BE-Dazzled 2017, the event was the semi-annual meet of divisions B & E. In the organizing committee of the meet were Division B Director - DTM Prashant K Singh, Division E Director - DTM Sandhya Ramanujan, Division B  Event Chair TM Sonu K and Division E Event Chair TM Vanitha Rangarajan. The event truly dazzled with the host of who's who of the Toastmasters' fraternity, gracing the day's sessions.

The keynote speaker for the day was Toastmaster Saveen Hedge who is the District 92 ISC Champion and a finalist at WCPS of 2017. The day followed with a range of competitions, in the likes of humorous speech contest, Glitterati Contest, Evaluation Contest, and was subsequently followed by the division awards and recognition.

T. John College's Toastmasters club is yet to be chartered and begin it's function in the coming days; and so with the hope of participating in the aforementioned contests someday in future, the students left the venue with an insight over the concept of a Toastmasters club; and yet another high over having participated in a selfie contest that was hosted at the event. Students, Supriya Roy (V Sem, BAJEP) and Mansi Sehrawat (I Sem, BAJEP) bagged 2 Amazon vouchers for the same, from Author of When The Boss Is Wrong, Sibichen K Mathew.